Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Pretty Over It

 Hello everyone! I keep meaning to pull together a post and lately I've felt so smothered by everything that I really haven't been active much on the internets aside from the weekly theme post for FFA.  I kind of feel like all of my creativity has been sucked out and I'm so stressed that I don't want to be a grouch and lash out on people on the net who don't deserve it.  I can chill in real life but apparently not the internet, ugh.  Anyways, I'm still getting dressed, just not awesome like everyone else who's feeling a surge of creativity.  I do hope everyone reading is doing well - this is a pretty rough time with challenges for everyone.  God, do you feel like you'll lose it if you hear "in this challenging time" one more time?! Oh man, I feel like I've been so grumpy with the ads on the radio.

So, on to some outfits!
I was trying some fakey Victorian vibes here and ended up with a strange mix of steampunk. I like steampunk but it's not my favorite genre by far and I feel kind of meh about this.  Maybe my longer coat would of worked better?

 I really like the back of this jacket, it has such a cool fantasy vibe with the texture of the fabric and I just haven't done this jacket justice in an outfit yet.

 I don't know why but I always end up with "wizard" when I wear this skirt.  Maybe because I always wear all of the other drapey and asymmetrical layers with it? I'm not mad about it because I love a good wandering wizard look but I'm going to try to expand my horizons a little with this skirt and see if I can do something else.  This is the first time I've worn the tall brown boots with it and I really like the proportion of the two together!

 It's soo bright, I'm making the worst face. I'd be a dumb wizard.

 Ok, I've had so much fun wearing this dress this year.  Having different coats just totally changed the dress for me, I love it with long coats and tall lace up boots! I think I use to wear it mostly with cropped coats and personally, I like the long cots more. So dramatic!  This dress jut makes me really happy when I wear it and I feel pretty good that even seven years later, it's still a dress I really love.

 Tis was for the "stripes" theme on FFA and honestly....I would of liked this more with one of my other tops.  I did like striped tops for a while, a long, long time ago but they're not really something I'm drawn to. I ended up giving the top to my daughter because stripes are her jam right now.  I do really like the jacket with the skirt, the peplum hem of the leather jacket really works with the length of the skirt and I like the mix of textures between the tulle skirt and the embroidered leather.

 Behold, the zombie fortifications in the melted slush edition! Breakup season in Alaska is just so scenic with ll of the knee deep mud and stuff we forgot to put away before the snows buried everything last winter. But there's dirt and for some reason, that feels really encouraging right now.
This was for the "techwear" theme and I accidently went more cybergoth. On one hand, maybe I'm finally figuring out how to create a decent cybergoth outfit because I love that genre but on the other hand, I wish I'd been

 More stripes but make them boho!  This feels closer to my personal style with the stripes, the colors and over abundance of patterns keep it visually interesting but still cohesive with the similar sizing and colors of the patterns. I've been trying to do some interesting things with my hair like crown braids and plaits.

 I gave this skirt another shot with styling and trying to branch away from the traveling wizard vibe and ended up with... I don't know.  I do like the blue top with this, I've mostly only styled this skirt with black tops but I really like the lightness of the blue with  the deeper colors of this skirt. The shearling vest with all of the embroidery was fun, especially since it was over 40f and felt so warm and wonderful outside.

 Well, I only got awful pictures of this I liked the outfit a lot.  The black Victorian inspired top with the vest, the midi skirt and sharp coat felt very "witchy" (I went here and you'll pull my witchy tee out of my cold dead hands, lol.)  I'm going to have to try this again because I did quite like it, especially the vest. I finally got to see the new Little Women movie and while I felt kind of eh about the movie itself, I loved the costuming - so many fantastic shirts and little capes! I want them all.

 Another Victorian inspired shirt, the one from the last post, with this fantastic velvet skirt and a Forever21 jacket I found at the thrift store last fall. I like how close in color the coat and skirt are, they almost feel like a matched pair here and the coat properly matches the drama of the skirt.

 I was trying to figure out ho to style a high low hem in a modern way! The high low hems for dresses were really popular back in 2012 and it felt like every maxi had one.  I liked the trend then and have fun with it but I haven't really thought about it since then.  I have a few Free People dressed with the high low hems however and trying o style one in a way that didn't scream "2012 pintrest outfit" was fun.  I didn't do a lot, I just wore the dress with a long coat and tall lace up boots which has some o the 2012 twee influence.

 I don't know, I wanted to play around with scarves and wearing them in some different ways. I'm pretty pleased with this and I like the little repeating themes through the outfit like the circles in the jewelry and embroidery, the lines in the pattern on the scarf and skirt and the colors of the accessories.

 This was for the #darkstylecoven on Instagram. It's an alternative style group that does a monthly challenge with a dark twist and I always enjoy the prompts a lot.  This month was the four elements and man, it was so hard. It didn't help that I had no creativity and felt like a blah lump, I just could not get my act together. The melting snow and the warmer days seem to be helping though and This was what I came up with for "Earth." The dress has a really dark floral print and the chiffon overlay is so gorgeous - the whole dress just has a really moody, dark forest feel to it. (Anyone is free to join in the themes, it's a really lovely group of people!)


  1. Happy New Year! I hope you are doing well. Please share whenever you can, I miss seeing your outfits.

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  3. What an AMAZING 14 outfit fashion and style lookbook post!!!!!!
    Congratulations for putting in the effort to dress up in all of these OOTDs and pose for all of those photos in that cold Alaskan weather!
    It is now April 2nd of 2021, and it will be freezing here in Long Island, New York tonight.
    I can't even imagine how cold it must still be where you live.
    All fourteen of the outfits you styled and wore in the photos above look very fashionable and attractive - really love the appearance of a lot of those outfit pieces.
    I especially love the lace inset and the tiered ruffles of the top you styled in the first outfit;
    The black minidress in the 2nd OOTD;
    The pretty vintage parchment coloured dress with pretty print in the 4th OOTD
    (your hair, eye-makeup and lipstick look beautiful);
    That fifth outfit is gorgeous! love the colour, embroidered detailed empire waisted / peplum outer blouse and pretty floral embroidered black tulle skirt in the fifth OOTD;
    The black bodycon midi-dress in the sixth outfit.
    Congratulations again on an amazing fashion post,
    and best wishes for the rest of year 2021 and beyond!

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  4. Amazing pictures you beauty <3

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  5. wow awesome pictures i like it...

  6. Hi Katie! I just wanted to say that I hope you are doing well, whatever you are up to now. I still think about your amazing outfits and lovely comments.


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