Monday, April 13, 2020

In The 87th week of Stay At Home....

 I've had this skirt for so long and it's been in my alterations pile almost that entire time, lol.  I finally got around to fixing it and I love how it works for wintery, fairytale-ish vibe.   (I wish I was more chatty but our internet is garbage right now and seems to be really sow in the area, we're all on trying to get school and work done and Alaska just isn't set up for that.  Alaska schools have now been closed through the end of the school year which is understandable but also kind of sad.)

 I actually really like this outfit, I would like the blazer to be like two inches shorter on the hem for the perfect shrunken blazer look but other wise are pretty pleased. I've really enjoyed how this green coats works with my winter outfits and all of the maxi dresses. 

 I wore a different version of this with my Monument coat and other lace up boots and honestly liked it more. The pictures are awful with the bright sun and the outfit didn't work out the way I wanted it too.

 Ok, I love this. In the back you can see the start of the "zombie ramifications" fort thing the kids are working on right now which is mostly wood stuck into the snow banks and lots and lots of nerf guns.

I liked the outfit as well, I finally have the right white button up to make so many outfits now. I've been wanting a big sleeve. loose shape, courser weaved cotton blouse for a long time and I love this one, it's just perfect. I'm stoked t wear it with my black maxi skirts.  This time I put a black string collar tie on and went for it with the little cape and the hat.

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  1. I LOVE that outfit with the blazer and striped dress! Feels very modern Victorian especially with the coat where the blazer feels kind of like a waistcoat.

    Also cool to see how your makeup plays into things. The first outfit has such a fun villain vibe with the red eyeshadow and dark lipstick, although I wouldn't have guessed to describe it that way hearing it was mustard+burgundy boho.


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