Sunday, March 22, 2020

Might as well go Overboard

 Swish swish!  I dunno, I was just wearing a bunch of swishy stuff and my usual tall boots again - these are the knee high, lace up Fryes I bought in the fall of 2018 and I've gotten so much wear out of them this winter, they're pretty much my go-to boot for an outfit right now.  I'm going to be a little bummed when summer hits and I can't wear them any more but it's also probably good to give them a break.  I like layering my dresses for an extra swish and in this case, I wore the black J.Crew maxi I've worn in all of my How to Boho posts. It's a great plain black maxi that has nice movement to it and I use it as a slip dress under most of my sheer dresses. I got it at consignment two years ago for $20 and it was totally worth it.

 Trying for some Yennefer vibes again and while this works better than the last, I feel like it's a little more game Yen than show Yen.   I haven't worn this velvet maxi skirt much lately because I ripped a seam but with everyone being stuck at home now, I've had extra time to go through and attack my mending pile, er basket and actually get some stuff fixed.  I am excited to have this skirt back in rotation now, it's got this great fake bustle drape in the back and a slightly asymmetrical flounced hem.  I keep trying to style this jacket is a great way but every time I feel a little eh about what it adds to an outfit, I think I need to play amount more with it.  It takes me forever to figure out how to style and incorporate stuff into my wardrobe and I have to go through a lot of meh outfits before I start getting good one, ugh.

 I wore this dress backwards and I love it this way!  It drapes almost the same either way and the v neck works pretty well in the back - I like the higher neck a little more in the front and I feel like it shows of the star print better. I wore these beaded boots again and I really liked how they played up the vibe of the dress.

 I don't know how the makeup influencers do it, I cannot get a good shot of my makeup to save my life. I did a cool yellow and smudgy green eye look that I loved but couldn't get a good shot of it.  I've been playing around with different eye looks and trying to improve my technique - I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of the ABH Subculture palette I got a long time ago and the tap tap method of patting the shadows in and very softly blending really works well with the formula. My eyes are hooded a little so I usually bring my lid color up over my brow bone just a bit so the color actually shows, otherwise it tends to look nondescript.  In other news, I really need to figure out how to do a properly good bun, mine always look pretty terrible, haha.

 We saw the second Jumanji movie and I was inspired by Awkwafina's character's outfit.

 Low key witchy vibes for this week I suppose.  I'd never layered this short cape over this coat before but I'm really pleased with how it turned out, lots of volume!

 This was for the monthly #darkstylecoven challenge on Instagram with the theme being Heroes or Villains for March.  I went with a Plague Pesta (or Plague Maiden) from Witcher because that seems weirdly appropriate.  Alas, I have no rats to scurry around but it was a fun challenge.

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