Saturday, March 14, 2020

Marching into March

 I meant to update and life just got away from me.  It's been slowly warming up so it's been nice to enjoy the weather and not have to ear so many under layers.  I realized I had never worn this dress with this coat before and I don't know why, they're awesome together.  I'm actually wearing the dress backwards again - it has a deep v in the front and while I don't mind that, I like how the v looks in the back with the higher neck and the amazing embroidery in the front.

 Trying out my new boots!  These are the Jeffery Campbell "Groove" boots in black with embroidery and I've been wanting them for so long. I held off trying to see if I wore my lace up boots that often this winter (and to see if I could find them for a better price, hah.)  It turned out my lace boots were my most worn styles this winter so I felt that meant I would get a lot of wear out of them.  I love the embroidery and the style, I feel like they really hit a sweet spot in my wardrobe and they're fit right in.

 Red cloak day! I accidently popped the button off this jacket right before I took the pictures and ugh, what a bummer! The jacket is the All Saint's one from this summer with the Victorian styling and it just doesn't hang as nicely unbuttoned.  I need to fix that right away.

 Taking some inspo from Mattie in the 2010 version of True Grit (although the first is my favorite) with the big green coat, belt, boots and pants. 

 I dunno, I've been wearing a lot of shawls this winter. They're basically capes that are really blankets so it's a win win. I do like the color story here, I don't do a lot of black and yellow but looking at it, I totally love the colors together and I'm going to have to try more.

 I'm trying to wear more of my dresses that haven't gotten as much love lately so I tried for a "wintery floral" look here with the blues, whites and blacks. I'm not totally sure I hit that but  do like all of the volume here and it was very "swooshy" and billowy.

 This might be one of my favorite outfits - the top is one haven't worn for a while and it goes so well with the green midi that I'm shocked I didn't do it before.  I feel like this really hit a nice, woodsy vibe and I'm pleased with it.

 More capes, more big hoods, more headbands. I feel like that's been my style moto this winter, it's ben fun to change things up a bit and try new things with the clothes I already have. This cape is another old one and ugh, I love it so much with the maxi, it makes me think of birch trees I the winter.  It's a great length to go with the long dress and I was pleased with how the two cardigans layered.
 This almost feels Ring Wraith to me with the layers, the tattered hems and all of the billowing volume and since that's one of my favorite style influences, I'm so down with tis outfit.  The Free People hood scarf was such a great buy this winter, I really like how it's taken each outfit up a notch style wise and it was such a cheap little addition - I found mine on ebay for $12 last fall and most of them on ebay are about $15.

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