Sunday, March 22, 2020

Might as well go Overboard

 Swish swish!  I dunno, I was just wearing a bunch of swishy stuff and my usual tall boots again - these are the knee high, lace up Fryes I bought in the fall of 2018 and I've gotten so much wear out of them this winter, they're pretty much my go-to boot for an outfit right now.  I'm going to be a little bummed when summer hits and I can't wear them any more but it's also probably good to give them a break.  I like layering my dresses for an extra swish and in this case, I wore the black J.Crew maxi I've worn in all of my How to Boho posts. It's a great plain black maxi that has nice movement to it and I use it as a slip dress under most of my sheer dresses. I got it at consignment two years ago for $20 and it was totally worth it.

 Trying for some Yennefer vibes again and while this works better than the last, I feel like it's a little more game Yen than show Yen.   I haven't worn this velvet maxi skirt much lately because I ripped a seam but with everyone being stuck at home now, I've had extra time to go through and attack my mending pile, er basket and actually get some stuff fixed.  I am excited to have this skirt back in rotation now, it's got this great fake bustle drape in the back and a slightly asymmetrical flounced hem.  I keep trying to style this jacket is a great way but every time I feel a little eh about what it adds to an outfit, I think I need to play amount more with it.  It takes me forever to figure out how to style and incorporate stuff into my wardrobe and I have to go through a lot of meh outfits before I start getting good one, ugh.

 I wore this dress backwards and I love it this way!  It drapes almost the same either way and the v neck works pretty well in the back - I like the higher neck a little more in the front and I feel like it shows of the star print better. I wore these beaded boots again and I really liked how they played up the vibe of the dress.

 I don't know how the makeup influencers do it, I cannot get a good shot of my makeup to save my life. I did a cool yellow and smudgy green eye look that I loved but couldn't get a good shot of it.  I've been playing around with different eye looks and trying to improve my technique - I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of the ABH Subculture palette I got a long time ago and the tap tap method of patting the shadows in and very softly blending really works well with the formula. My eyes are hooded a little so I usually bring my lid color up over my brow bone just a bit so the color actually shows, otherwise it tends to look nondescript.  In other news, I really need to figure out how to do a properly good bun, mine always look pretty terrible, haha.

 We saw the second Jumanji movie and I was inspired by Awkwafina's character's outfit.

 Low key witchy vibes for this week I suppose.  I'd never layered this short cape over this coat before but I'm really pleased with how it turned out, lots of volume!

 This was for the monthly #darkstylecoven challenge on Instagram with the theme being Heroes or Villains for March.  I went with a Plague Pesta (or Plague Maiden) from Witcher because that seems weirdly appropriate.  Alas, I have no rats to scurry around but it was a fun challenge.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A Post In Which I am Very Grouchy, You're Warned

 I've never layered a top on this dress and it's awesome.  I'm trying to play around more and try new things and while this isn't a wild look, it was cool to try something different. This scarf has been an unexpected fun piece for winter.  I normally wouldn't choose something like this - does it even come in black? - but I love the bright colors and the length. 

 Some vague Yennefer vibes from The Witcher - her outfits in the show had lots of sharp lines and lovely, dramatic fabrics and I was trying to channel that.
 Staying at home with the kids. My work has died with no pay which is pretty stressful but I'm lucky my husband's work is still going. Regal Theaters fired everyone they employed in our town, as well as nation wide, with no pay and notice.  Total fuckers. I don't care they're the only movie theater for 350 miles, if they don't make it right I'll never see a movie there again - I can live without movies but people can't live without money for rent and food, especially as they employed at the theater level people who can't afford to miss a paycheck or their health benefits. Again, THOSE FUCKERS.   I wish I was all cherry and perky but I'm so freaking pissed at so many companies right now, Marriott hotels has put their employees on a zero hour schedule so they can't even file for unemployment. As for unemployment, so many people are filing now that websites are crashing and no one can get through.  Companies who've put out huge proclamations of how "they're going to treat their employees well and pay them for scheduled shifts during the closures" now have actual employees coming out stating that all of their schedules have been slashed to 4 hrs a week, the night before this went into affect. I feel like we're going to drown and there's no help.
If you can, please be a voice.  Call or email your state representatives, your city officials, these companies and blast them for not taking care of the more vulnerable of our population.   Eat the Rich. (although, maybe they taste great. I'd read the cookbook. This is angry humor, don't take me serious.)

 Yeah, this outfit was the mood above. I'm not a super pleasant person right now and I'm sorry. I'm just really upset about the huge gap between the haves and the have nots of the world and how little people care about those who are struggling.  I'm sure all of my state officials know me as that angry-bitch-who-won't-stop-writing-emails-and-calling. (They knew me as that before all of this, I'm pretty vocal because realistically, that's the only power I have to enact any kind of change.)  Anyways, this is my super grumpy post and unless things really go down the pooper, I'll not talk a bunch about this again because I know we're all stressed out and we all have stuff in our lives and everyone doesn't want to have this in their face.   I'm not a big blogger and I don't have a platform but I want to at least say something and I don't have to worry about pissing off any sponsors so I get to be as bitchy as I want to companies.

On a good side, I am so proud of the Fairbanks school district.  We have a very diverse student population with at lot of at need children and the school district is doing everything they can to make sure students don't go hungry and teachers and administrators are working hard to adapt to every students need. Internet isn't great up here and it's very expensive with limited ranges so many don't have access to internet, ourselves included. This makes online teaching very difficult so many teachers are creating packets for students to pick up outside f the schools with everyone trying to be as safe as possible.  If you are on reduced or free lunches in the Fairbanks area, they are still providing those so students don't go hunger, especially with the mass lay offs that are happening - please call your school or the district building in Fairbanks!

ok - trying to b a fashion blogger now that I've made everyone mad.
For the above outfit, I played around with my belts and harness to created a fake corset harness thing and with all of the drapes, I really like this.  With companies really showing their garbage side to their workers, I'm going to just continue buying second hand although all of my spare income right now is going towards supporting our local food bank which is stretched to the limit right now.  I've been hungry and in that position and it's a horrible spot and my heart hurts so much for them.

Meh, it's not the best look.  I haven't worn these pants a ton so I'm working on styling them now - it usually takes me a while to figure out how to style things.  I've liked these cropped harem pants the most with longer layers so I think I'll do that next - the shorter layers don't quite balance it enough to my eye. Or maybe I've gone full inter potato and can't go back. Summer's going to be rough.

I've been playing around with makeup more and tried out a yellow eye shadow as blush - it's a big trend in the e-girl and Japanese makeup worlds and while it's hard to see here, I really like how it looks in real life. (But I love blush, lol.)  I also tried a more dramatic eye shadow line on the bottom of my eyes instead of the top and it's kind of cool.