Friday, February 21, 2020

I've Come So Far...

 Someone on instagram suggested this skirt with this wrap and my mind was blown, I'd never thought to pair the two! I comepetely loved how the look came out, there's some great movement and all of the reds are so satifying together.  It was a great  fantasy "traveler" look that was pretty practical for my life. (I'm sorry, I've been struggling to get this post to upload and now I'm out of time so I'm not super wordy.)

 Standing like a dork since 2012.

I couldn't decide if I liked this more with the hat or the hood.

I've had this jacket for years and have never had good luck styling it. I think I made a dreak through the last time however and realized I just need to go super extra with my outfit, not pair a stand out item like it with just basics like a tee and jeans. Here I did velvet flares, a high neck blouse and a cape and I really like it.

Same break through, different jacket, lol. This jacket is another statment item and I just have to lean into that. I really like the ruffled, high neck blouses right now, they've got a great Edwardian vibe to them and it's fun it figure out how to add interesting volume to an outfit. (Sorry, it was really dry and my hair sucked.)

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