Saturday, February 22, 2020

Diamonds in the Sky Dress - New Styling for an Older Dress

 I talked a little in one of my last posts about a dress that I use to love and wore all of the time but had not put on in a while. This was the Free People Diamond's in the Sky maxi dress that was released back in 2013. (If you want specifics.) When I bought it, the trendy footwear was ankle boots and cropped jackets were more popular than the maxi length we've been seeing pop up in streetwear and stores. I'd gotten kind of burnt out on the dress and had put it away for a while in a box but over the last two years I've done a lot of updating to my coats and footwear wardrobe - most of my coats are longer and more of a statement piece and I've been favorite taller boots, preferably ones that lace up.

These below are a few of the ways II styled the dress in 2013-2015. (Whoa, when I was dying my hair red and it was short, that feels like forever ago.)

These are some more current fall and winter outfit - I like the longer coats and layers and looking back at previous outfits, my favorites from eariler were the one with longer layers. I like that this dress is more of a midi than a maxi dress with the hemline hitting about halfway on the calf, I don't have to worry about it dragging in the snow and the leangth works with a lot of different shaft heights on boots. My favorite right now are taller ones that go past the hem but I also like the Frye Engineer moto boots that hit close to the calf line. I did layer a shorter jacket over a longer cardigan and I like the contrast in layers and texture and feel the similar color keep it cohesive.

The green All Saints coat is more of a bell shape and falls stright from the shoulders without going in at all in the waist - I feel like this works nicely with the circle skirt of the dress and creates an interesting silhouette.

One constant factor is that I like to belt like it's 2010 all over again. I like the belt because I feel like on my height, 5'2, it helps define my vertial proportions and makes for a slightly longer leg line which I feel like that helps with midi skirt. (Not a hard and fast rule, just me.) I also like the visual interst a belt provides an outfit.

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