Saturday, January 18, 2020

Enjoying the Cold - Some Mid Winter Outfits

 These two outfits were for a "change up a base look" theme. I started with a base outfit of a jumpsuit and then changed up the outerwear and boots to create different outfits. The air has been really dry and static so my hair has totally sucked lately, ugh AND the pants on the jumpsuit kept sticking to my legs.  There were some frustrations with trying to get decent shots because the light was either gone or too bright but I kind of gave up at the point.

 I love this take, the platform docs were so fun with the pant silhouette.

 This dress is a shocking shade of orange in real life and I love it. Orange is a favorite color and I always forget about how much I enjoy wearing it.  I went kind of boring with the white coat and black boots but I did love the bright scarf with it and the print on the bag really worked well I thought.

 Brr, just enjoying this cold we've been having. This out is a little deceiving in looks - it seems like there's just the coat and the skirt/shirt but I've got on both long underwear and then a cashmere sweater under the top and wool tights over the long underwear.  I really don't like being cold so I do a lot of layering and the best thing about base layering like thermals and silk long underwear is it's very light, doesn't add visual build and with a few layers on top the layers trap the heat in the air pockets between each layer, causing it to be far warmer than just wearing on regular layer and then a big coat.  I don't really overheat indoors so this works for me.

 Still cold so I pulled out the big coat again. I know people think wool coats are only good at 40f and cold at temps below that but I'd really have to say that depends on what kind of coat you are wearing. (and to be honest, how hot/cold you personally run and how acclimated to the weather you are.)  This coat is very heavy and is 100% thick wool and I usually won't wear it if the temps are over 0f because it becomes too warm for me.  The sleeves are really wide so it's easy to layer bigger sweaters under it and it's a swing coat shape so it's got this great bell shape to it and lots of movement. I usually belt it just because I like how it looks belted and a belt adds some visual interest. I've also been having fun wearing this cape over my coats!

 Just a bunch of layering and some cool ice fog going on. (That's the sun in the back ground!) I've really enjoyed this poncho layered over my coat with the big hood- I end up with a great potato on sticks silhouette that I kind of dig in a winter silhouette!

 I found furry Tecnica boots and while they are not he huge, white yeti ones they're pretty fabulous.  I love me some hairy and weird winter boots. This ended up being a take on a 80s ski villain look which granted, is another favorite winter look. I liked the leg warmers over the boot - leg warmers are awesome for warmth and they add some fun visual interest to a look.

This ended up being more of a western look and I'm bummed out I haven't been doing those as often lately.  I barrowed my husband's Duluth wool hat because the ear flaps are like the best thing ever and I felt it really worked with the vibe of the vintage Filson coat.   This I the first time I've tried the Sorrels in a look like this as well and I'm pleased to find a new way to style them.

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