Saturday, January 25, 2020

A Dark Winter Week

Ok, it was quite dark and overcast this week and I over compensated for it in my photos, I'm sorry.  Terrible picture quality aside, I did like most of my outfit this week.  I built this outfit around my star bag and tried to pick up the gold and black and the fantasy vibe of the bag.  I really liked the print on the jacket layered under the coat and the cloak and I feel like the belt worked well. I do wish I could of gotten a better shot of this but I was in a hurry.

 Just an outfit for a colder day, I didn't really have an idea going into it and ended up with this.  I'm not crazy about the cardigan and how it layers here, I feel like it throws off the lines of the outfit a bit. I do really like the legwarmers with the mukluks however - legwarmers are so much fun and I feel like they add a playful edge to winter looks. They also keep my legs warm, haha!

 I wanted to style this velvet blazer in a western type outfit and my bangs and hair were so dry and staticy that I ended up not loving the look.  I do really like the top with the tie, I think I'll have to try another version of this when things warm up a bit.

 I was trying for a 90s look and hey, 13 year old me would be so happy with this look. 

Ok, my favorite look for the week.  This dress has big sleeves and a neckline that doesn't layer well so I wore a sweater under it that mimicked the lines of the dress and then wore my Rick Owens hooded coat and the All Saints "Soviet" coat over it - a coat pairing I really liked last winter and a fairly warm pairing.  I loved it with the yellow dress and I was really pleased with how the bag and the mittens pulled together a "woman in the woods" kind of vibe.   I've noticed on instagram that this look is starting to pick up traction among many of the formerly twee bloggers and posters and I personally think it's pretty cool. It feels like a natural evolution of twee and mori girl and also picks up on the more mainstream "prairie" chic looks that have been so popular.  It's a style that encompasses every age from young girl to old woman and I think that's pretty great.  If you're looking for some good inspo, the #quietinthewild hashtag is a good place to start looking.

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