Saturday, December 14, 2019

Winter Folklore Inspired

 I only got two shots before my camera died (sad face, I think it I just the button in the closing mechanism for the batter but it's possible it is also the motherboard.  I hope it's just the button, that's an easy and cheap fix and if it's the motherboard that means it's new camera time and that s a serious bummer. I've had my Canon Rebel T1 for seven years now and she's been such a fantastic little camera, I don't want to give her up.)

 It was cold enough to wear my big Max Mara wizard coat I fund last year at the thrift store. This coat is really heavy and I overheat wearing it in temps above 0F.  The arms have lots of room so it's and easy coat to layer with - I like the look of coats with skinny or streamlines arms but they are just the worst for any kind of layering. 

 I had forgotten how to take nigh pictures so this was a good challenge for me!  I did drag down a shop light for the last shot to show the outfit a little but found the extra light more difficult to shot with. I'm pleased with how great of a layer this big cape coat this is, it's so big it works over any layers and really keep he heat in. Also, looks super dramatic in the dark!

This outfit below is just a plaid midi skirt, lace up boots and lots of layers but I was really pleased with how it all came together. 


 I love the layers here - it was super warm and toasty and the big mohair cardigan is so thick and soft. I wish I had better words to describe this but it was a comfort first, style second look and for once that worked out.  The legwarmers are wool as well and added a ton of warmth on the legs - I saw someone last winter wearing hers as tall socks with her Sorel Conquest boots and it totally changed my viewpoint on socks and legwarmers as styling tools.

We go every year to see The Nutcracker and it's always a fun excuse to dress up!  I've really been enjoying this cashmere cape this winter and headbands have been a fun way to change up from always wearing wide brimmed hats.

 The dogs wanted to be in the pictures and then all they did was chew on the bones they found in the woods.  They didn't even try to be all photogenic. 

 I was told I looked like I was trying out for the Junior Werewolf Hunting League and I have no idea what that means but it sounds awesome. I recently bought this harness to add to my more boring basic looks such as this and I like how it takes the look up a notch.  I wouldn't say my style is very alternative but I love so many aspects of alternative styles and want to try to incorporate those into my own personal style.  I'm not really sure where my style is hitting right now, there's several different style genes I've been drawling from and so far it's probably reading as "that weirdo who lives in the Alaskan Bog but has a lack of Icelandic ponies."  (Do I want Icelandic ponies? Of Course! Do I have an Icelandic pony? No, they're expensive as fuck. But they're so cute and hardy little guys, hopefully some day.  I don't know how a style post turned into a topic abut ponies but I've been pretty good lately about keeping the pony chatter in check so...)

One of my favorite cold weather outfits, these mukluks are so warm and light on the feet and I like how the heavier boot works with the legline and the silhouette of the sweater and coat.


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