Monday, December 30, 2019

Last Outfits for 2019

 Hello again everyone! My camera ended up having a fairly devastating prognosis but  was able to sell a lens and ended up buying a refurbished Canon Rebel 3. My last camera was a Rebel T1 and I had her for almost 8 years. She was a great camera and I'll miss her but it's also wild to see the upgrades made in the Rebel3.  (I know, they're not he newest thin at all but I like to use up my electronics until they truly give up the ghost.)  So here are my newest shots with my new camera - I am still working out the features and learning but it's been fun.  O to the outfits, it apparently has been Cape-mas around here, lol!  Since I wore my star dress I felt also should wear my star boots and stat headband.

 It cooled off enough for the Moon Boots to come out!  It is also really dark right now.

 I've worn this dress before but didn't care for the outfit.  I wore a cropped sweater and then an old Anthro sweater and a fuzzy coat and I'm really pleased.

Alright, this is one of my favorite outfits ever. Same dress as the other day but with a long cardigan and a cloak! Happy 2020 everyone.

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