Friday, November 8, 2019

Just Wait For It

 The snow has been melting, coming back, melting, coming back...and ten we got a snow dump and the roads are awful. But before that almost all of the snow was gone, it was almost 40f and it was toasty! This is just a black skirt, a velvet robe and a white button up but I love it. I've been trying to find a white collared shirt with a black tie for ages and I finally found one at VV and I'm so excited to style it.  I liked this look quite a bit.

 I want to say this is my favorite outfit ever but I think that is just because I actually hit the golden light hour. (Which is more like gold light 5 mins right now, the sun sets so early, ugh.) Can I just walked around all of the time with this light on my face? Skincare be damned, this light is where it's at! I do rather like this outfit, I haven't found any outfits this coat doesn't go with and rather than all black accessories, I went with a brown belt and boots this time around.

 We got a food of snow but have a lack of snowplowers so the roads are a mess right now.  I spent yesterday shoveling out the driveway ad if it was a nice short drive that would be sweet but it's 3/8ths of a mile and that is a lot to shovel!  A good upper body workout I guess.  Later on I did change out of my gross sweaty clothes and into cute stuff.  I don't look this cute shoveling snow.  It's more like that meme of the little dog running with that gaspy, goofy look on his face.

 Yay winter boots! I personally love all of that ugly winter shit that everyone likes to complain about - give me the heavy sweaters, the winter boots and all of the mittens! This is a heavy wool cardigan coat thing (it's really more of a coat, it's that thick) and it's got a belt on it.  I'm stuck in 2010, put a belt on it is like my life motto.  I did like the layers of the scarf and the coat and then I'm always so happy to wear mittens - I also love my Sorrel Conquest boots. They are not insulated and not the warmest boots so I won't recommend them for hiking into the wildness but they're good about town winter boots and have great traction. (I also think they'r cute.)

 From winter boots to headbands - I apparently don't have much of an in-between button. It's all or nothing. I like layering my capes and cloaks over other coats for extra warmth and drama and while the yellows of the dress and then the belt and headband are throwing me off a little, I do overall like this. (Or maybe it's the boots. I feel like my knee high Frye boots would of have a better line than these, the slight break between the dress and the boots would of made for a better flow I think.)  This was my party dress last winter - it's a pretty Anthropologie  gold embroidered tulle thing and perfect for Christmas parties, ballets and plays. We actually went to all of those last winter so it was fun having a go-to dress for it that felt festive and after having it packed away all summer, it's almost like having anew dress and I'm super happy to wear it again.

 I did say I like the weird winter stuff and here it is - furry boots.  I freaking love them, they're so fun.  I found them at VV for $5 and I don't think they're great quality (the brand Mukluks which are really hit or miss) I do really like the style.  I like short wool skirt over leggings with fun boots for easy winter looks - this is  Skoop skirt from the brand that does the insulated winter skirts and i's very warm and super cute. I wore t with a cute little Anthropologie cape I've had for year - Anthropologie has the cutest extra" items and I find all of mine on ebay for super cheap.  This one was $15 when I bought it but there's a few listed now in the $30-49 range. (It's a great little cape, not super warm but the buttons are sewn on well and it's adorable.)

 Breaking out the wide leg cropped pants again! I did not like wearing these this past summer, them with sandals seems to highlight my cankes in a way I did not like. (I know, people think cankles are a stupid thing to worry about but for me, they affect the fit of everything from pants to boots.  Most boots, tall or ankle, do not fit around my ankles so I'm usually really excited when I find a pair and many pairs of skinny jeans are too tight at the ankles for me. It sounds stupid but it means I have to put extra thought into fit and personally I'll whine about it all I want.)
However, I do love these pants with boots, the pants almost like a divided riding skirt and the tall boots play that up.  I'm trying to embrace color before I go into the dark side of winter ad wear all black - really, I do like colors, promise!  The green with the navy blue and then the yellow sweater and the orange is a fun color pairing and I like how bright it feels.

Ok, as much as I love wool miniskirts in winter, I also really love midi skirts!  M from M Gets Dressed really changed my mind on midi skirts completely and now I love them.  They're so great with tall boots in the winter and it's fun to play up the folklore side of theme with embroidered sweaters and mittens and cute caps.

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