Saturday, November 23, 2019

It's Cape Week

 I found a few vintage opera capes and they are so gorgeous - this red one has a deep hood and the velvet is so high quality.  I went with a fairly over the top outfit but I feel like a long red velvet cloak deserves an over the top outfit.

 I'm a 1930s wizard ya'll. This was for the 19302/1940s challenge on reddit's FFA subreddit, this is an actual 1930s opera cape so...t works? Haha, I don't think mixing formal wear with everyday wear was a thing but I really loved this outfit.

 Layers, layers, layers!  I just piled on a bunch of sweaters and a cape and called it an outfit.  I liked how the two sweaters worked together with he different prints and shapes and then the brown lace up bots and bag helped with that vintage " collecting random shit in the woods because that works great when it's freaking cold and tons of snow" look.  Lol, it wasn't actually cold but I've been super into that look this winter.

 Lots of layering again, this time with a wool poncho and I like parts of I but I feel like the white dress was too stark here.

 Almost the same exact outfit as the 1930s wizard because I really loved that outfit, I just wore a bright red coat with it and a big scarf.

 Again for the 1930s/40s challenge on reddit's Female Fashion Advice subreddit, this time I took inspo from some photos of Russian women in the 1930s and some sewing patterns - this wasn't suppose to be a really literal cosplay but what I could throw together from what I had on hand. This skirt has been getting a ton of wear, I love the midi skirts righ now and the embroidery is really fun.

 Just a quick photo of a plain outfit, leg warmers a huge sweater coat, a skirt ad some Sorrels.

Told you I was into midi skirts this year. It was fun to try styling this coat in a new way, I liked it with the plaid skirt and the tall boots- these boos have been in almost all of my outfits this week! One of my best buys for sure.  These are not the most exciting photos, our sun is setting and it's dark by 3pm and we'll continue losing light until the /Solstice where we get a whole whopping 2 hrs of twilight as the sun won't even hot over the horizon on that day. It isn't awful, it just makes taking photos hard and I have tosnap them when I can which means sometimes I can't get too fancy. Ugh.

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