Saturday, November 30, 2019

A Cozy, Warm Winter

 Wow, I cannot believe tomorrow is the first of December, this last month feels like it flew by, despite Thanksgiving been quite late in the month.  Our weather has been unseasonably warm this year so I haven't really had to break out the heavy duty coats, layers and boots yet.  I'm kind of enjoying it!  This outfit is actually a skirt over a dress- I found this dress after being inspired by someone on Instagram wearing it and then found the skirt version at the consignment store and yeah, this skirt got worn a lot this week. I've really enjoyed midi skirts this winter and most of mine are full A-line skirts so it's nice the have a "softer" version of the midi skirt.  I really enjoyed the volume and movement of this outfit.

 My boots have stars and moons embroidered on them!  I've really been into galaxy and star prints lately so I get excited when I find something like that.  This was just a bunch of layering and possibly over the top but I liked it.

 The midi skirt by itself, I wore the Victorian influenced Free People jacket I found on ebay from the last post and I loved how it worked with the skirt.  The boots are just big chunky Fryes but I liked the slouchy look f them and wanted to give my lace up boots a break.

 Yeah, I was really into this skirt this week, it works so ell with everything. I really went for it with the layering and I liked the western influences going on - it's cool that this skirt can be worn in a few different style genres.

The red cloak returns!  I'm really in love with this cloak, it's totally over the top but that's what I like about it. I went hardcore for the folklore vibes with this outfit and wore a green velvet dress and then amped up the look with the embroidered jacket from the last post, my big belt, lace up boots and I'm really pleased at how it all came together.  The red and green feels a little Christmasy but it is hat time of year so I don't care too much.

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