Saturday, October 19, 2019

Maybe Going Into Winter

 This was for a challenge on instagram - Haunting White. I went with a sort of evil forest maiden ghost vibe, hopefully that actually worked out! It's been fun to try the theme challenges and try to translate them into real life.

 It has been snowing on and off with most of it melting off quickly.

 This was such a fun outfit to wear, I really liked how the cropped jacket looked with the wide brimmed hat and then the cloak as an outer layer.

 Just a bunch of wool, platform docs and over the knee socks that kept falling down, ugh.

 This was for a scifi challenge on reddit - I love Sith and wear a lot of sith inspired look so this was a natural fit.  I just got these wool drop crotch cropped pants which in writing sound horrible but I'm pretty sure they are my new favorite pants. They look so good with boots and make layering super easy!

 I went for a Firefly influenced look here but the pants really are not the best fit for it- maybe a looser, wool pant would have fit the vibes better but I did like the outfit.

 Just wearing my cloak now that the weather has cooled off and I am so excited to really get into styling this cloak. It is super heavy and warm so I think it will be nice for winter. I just went with black pants and Sorels but these pants fit badly so they are on their way out of the closet.

More black pants with the cloak, I really liked how it layered over the draped coat and how it all came together, even if my hair did suck this day.


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