Tuesday, October 1, 2019

A Spooky Fall 10x10 - Part One

 Since I have been awful at hitting the 10x10s when they've been going on, I wanted to try one this fall!  I always mean to throw a lot of color and fun stuff into my outfits for these and then forget, lol.  These are the 10 items I picked for ten days of outfit.

 The start of the tenxten and on a lighter note style wise!  This dress has the coolest asymmetrical hem and I liked pairing it with the Victorian influenced All Saints coat.

 Only two days in and I forgot to stick with it - I accidently added this cardigan!

 There's a few people I follow on instagram who do really awesome outfits with long, draped layers over big pant silhouettes and I have really been wanting to try the look.  The flow is nice and in keeping with the asymmetrical hems, I hope it all worked. This might not be everyone's cup of tea but I like experimenting with things a little outside of the norm.

 More playing around with layers, I layered the tulle skirt over this dress and was really happy the star print came through!  The cape is my RO dress that I wear often as a cape of long vest, I love the drama it adds to a look.  A big hat really competed the witchy vibes - it's October, come at me!

 And rolling into the spooky parts of this challenge - this is the tulle skirt and the ruffled Victorian top together with my hooded Rick Owens coat, I loved how this came out. I was lucky and caught the moody mist with the lights on at the farm and it worked out perfectly.

Going for low key Ring Wraith vibes here because that's my favorite fashion inspo. This is the RO cape dress worn as a wrap over the printed free people dress which had the star printed tulle skirt over it! Lots of layers but I loved how it came out.  Next week I'll post with the next half of the 10x10.


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