Monday, October 7, 2019

10x10 - The Last Half

 Ok, on to the last half of the fall 10x10.  I wish I had planned this out a little better, I had high hopes for this challenge and I feel like I only met it half way which is better than normally - usually I feel like30% decent about them!  This outfit was great in concept but by the point that I took pictures, the wrap on the dress had fallen and it looked bulky.

 You know, I actually love this, it was very fun and I think this is the first outfit I've really liked this belt with!  The coat felt like it worked well proportionally with the dress and there was enough drama that I felt like a "look" and not just tossing on a dress and a coat and calling it good.

 It snowed but the ground hasn't even frozen so it's not going to stick. I tried to revisit the draped dress over pants look I did last week but with a different coat and boots. Honestly I feel like with my Monument coat and platform docs this would have been a stellar outfit, the boots here just don't have enough visual weight for me to love it but it wasn't an awful look, especially for trying new things. It normally takes me a bit to really figure out styling options so I'll keep working towards this.

 Hmm, so close but no potato. There's a lot of looseness to this and I don't think this coat quite works, again, the monument coat would have been perfect and maybe with my black belt with the big silver snap.  However, I like the layering of the dresses and the headband was fun, I just needed to play around with this a little more and  doing the 10x10 meant I had limited items to make it work.

Alright, I like this as well.  I did the wrap dress again and with the hooded coat and my handmade crown from a bit ago and I'm pretty happy with it.  I think if I had taken a few of the dark flowers out of the crown and left just the branches it would of being a cool contrast with the birch trees.

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