Monday, October 28, 2019

Is It Winter Is It Fall

 It has been a bit since I wore this red  midi skirt so I just piled on the layers and went for a low key storybook witch look.  I'm not wild about these boots because they don't feel very substantial looking in the outfit - like maybe a visually heavier boot would balance out all of the layers up on top.
 Just one shot of this outfit, featuring the star print tulle skirt and the same boots as above. I feel like the lighter boots work better in this look because it isn't  top heavy s the last outfit and the skirt is quite a bit more delicate.

 I love over the knee boots with leather pants and I like how the big belt worked with the lines of the coat and the big scarf.  I wore my triangle bag with this outfit because the sharper lines felt more in tune with the lines of the jacket's lapel and the rest of the outfit.

 I've been finding some cool star/cosmic pint items at the thrift store lately and I am so pumped about I! I've really been on a kick lately with that style of print and colors so it is exciting to find - I think they had a brief trend in popularity back during the height of twee in the 2009-20012 period and seeing as most of the items I've been found are modcloth or Eskati, that seems to be true. (And on another note, it is wild to find modcloth pieces! I would have loved finding these during that time period and we have so few retail stores in the interior that it feels like a treat when I find things not normally available up here.  Shipping can still be sketchy up here with a lot of retailers either flat out not shipping or charging prices on par with what Canada pays.) This dress is Eskati and has buttons on the bustier and then a great cosmic print on the skirt, I love the dark blues and purples  and they feel like a fun bit of color with my coats.

 Swish swish I'm a witch. This as for the Spooky theme on reddit's Female Fashion Advice subreddit and haha, it's pretty much how I normally dress. I thrifted this and the bigger o-hook belt from Value Village earlier this fall and I've really enjoyed how much they've expanded my outfit range. The dress is a Free people one I found on ebay and the layered skirt really adds a lot of drama to any outfit.

 Our weather is all over the place right now - it's snowing, it's raining, it's 13f, it's over 40f, I don't even know what's going on this year. It's looking like it will be a very unusually warm winter for us which is awesome, that won't hurt my feelings! Anyways, sometimes we have snow and then it melts quickly so there's not a lot of continuality in photos.  This is a take on Hedgewitch winter style, the hedgewitch subculture style really lends itself towards winter burrito style and wearing all of the weird layers and embroidery and lots of cool textures.

 This is one o my favorite looks with this jacket so far, the lace up corset backing is so beautiful and looks awesome in real life. the coat has great sharp lines to it and has a very Victorian riding habit I influence so I think I'd like to try to play that up a little.

 This was apparently very Stevie Nicks witchyness according to all of the comments I got the day I wore it!  The skirt has great movement to it and I like using the darker colors and embroidery to build a good "witchy" outfit.

I wore this dope cloak again and this is one of my favorite outfits wearing it so far.  It was about 6pm when I took these shots so the sun had long set and I forgot how to do dark shots.  I layered the cloak over my All Saints coat again and then wore a lacey dress an my over the knee boots.  I personally love that boot style even though it is supposedly out trend wise.  I like the proportions height wise on myself and I feel like they're just dramatic enough that they add a lot to my outfits. They're also a slight bit warmer than ankle boots so they've got that going for them as well.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Maybe Going Into Winter

 This was for a challenge on instagram - Haunting White. I went with a sort of evil forest maiden ghost vibe, hopefully that actually worked out! It's been fun to try the theme challenges and try to translate them into real life.

 It has been snowing on and off with most of it melting off quickly.

 This was such a fun outfit to wear, I really liked how the cropped jacket looked with the wide brimmed hat and then the cloak as an outer layer.

 Just a bunch of wool, platform docs and over the knee socks that kept falling down, ugh.

 This was for a scifi challenge on reddit - I love Sith and wear a lot of sith inspired look so this was a natural fit.  I just got these wool drop crotch cropped pants which in writing sound horrible but I'm pretty sure they are my new favorite pants. They look so good with boots and make layering super easy!

 I went for a Firefly influenced look here but the pants really are not the best fit for it- maybe a looser, wool pant would have fit the vibes better but I did like the outfit.

 Just wearing my cloak now that the weather has cooled off and I am so excited to really get into styling this cloak. It is super heavy and warm so I think it will be nice for winter. I just went with black pants and Sorels but these pants fit badly so they are on their way out of the closet.

More black pants with the cloak, I really liked how it layered over the draped coat and how it all came together, even if my hair did suck this day.