Saturday, September 7, 2019

Rolling Into Fall

This outfit is for a maximalist challenge. . I finally found a shag coat I really loved and have been waiting for the temps to drop low enough I could wear it without heat stroke. It was 34f this morning so yay, perfect timing! I wore this awesome gauzy dress with a printed sweater on top, put on a beaded belt that I felt worked with the prints and the jewelry, wore my embroidered mules and threw on the shag jacket. The temps did rise and then fall during the day so at on point I wore this without the sweater and went with a plain leather jacket, tried my All Saints coat with it, tried my velvet robe and wore just the sweater over the top. There is a lot going on it the outfit so I tried to keep the colors of the prints similar - lots of reds, blues and black - and tried to keep a similar scale for all of the patterns. I really enjoyed this outfit and the few versions of it.

I had a hard time with the light here, the sun was setting but it was such a cool looking ball of fire and I just did not capture it. Ugh. This is the Free People French Courtship dress again with a velvet robe. The Courtship dress shows up often on ebay and poshmark for the $30-60 range and I found mine for $20. It is a beautiful dress that I've gotten a lot of wear out of over the years and I feel like it is very easy to style! I am 5'2 so it looks quite a bit longer on me than most of the other people wearing it around the internet.

Another day, another Free People Lace dress. (I just really like them.) This is the first time I've worn this one without any layering and I'm really happy with how it looked! I had some cool eye makeup on that I tried to capture but no dice.

This is a very plain look for running around but I liked how the sweater and the boots with the socks worked.

The boots, sock and sweater again but with a dress! I kind of like this and kind of don't. I think it would be cuter with a different sweater or jacket or maybe different boots.

Styling the plaid maxi again, this time I went with a slightly Victorian influenced blouse and some suede ankle boots and I love how it came together. The suede jacket helped dress it down a bit and I liked how all of the textures came together in this look.

The dress from today, again! I wore it just with the Monument coat and some tall boots and I loved it. The only thing that threw me off was the belt, I thought the lower slung style would work but it really didn't with the flow of the dress. I think if I punch another hole in the belt and wear it higher it will be fine but I did like the flow of this outfit.

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