Wednesday, September 25, 2019

It's A Mood, Ok?

 The first day of Fall was a few days ago and while a lot of places are still battling the heat, termination dust has hit the mountains up here and our first snowfall is suppose to be this evening. I hope it doesn't stick, I've been enjoying the past few years of having no snow at Halloween! (before 2014, I had never seen a Halloween with no snow, I thought movies were always exaggerating when they showed Halloween with leaves still on the trees and kids trick or treating without snowsuits under their costumes, bundled up against the -20f chill and trudging through the snow to houses. Different worlds for sure.)  I'm enjoying the cooler temps and layering - I am apparently a super sucker for ponchos and capes and even though I don't need one, I bought this cute Anthropologie poncho at our local consignment shop, The Vintage Junky in Fairbanks.   Anthro stuff gets me every time, I am helpless against how cute it is.  All of the extra colors, prints, ruffles and buttons! I layered it over a leather jacket and then threw on my Free People hood wrap for some extra visual interest. I've been trying to branch away from hats as an accessory and trying new things like these hooded scarves and more headbands.
 Ugh, I only got one shot and my battery died. I had a high neck lace top with a light ruffled sleeve under the velvet robe and I thought it looked pretty great.

 I apparently just want to be a dark Free People Fairy, lol.  This is one of my favorite outfits of all time and I feel like this is one of the times where I really nailed what I had in my head - the layers came together, there's movement, there's a bunch of textures and the slightly color difference really worked. The long cardigan is a Free People one I thrifted and was white at first - I tried to dye it black and ended up with this gray blue color that I ended up liking more.  The skirt is a no label thrifted find, it's a single layer of tulle with little painted on stars, I didn't love it on the hanger but it has been up being a really cool piece.  I suppose it goes to show you can find real gems even in very cheap clothing, goggling this one shows it came from one of those reseller shops like AliExpress and was maybe $10.  It isn't fabulously made but at the same time, I don't baby my clothes and the seams on this are pretty solid.  The coat is an All Saints coat from a several years past collection that I found for cheap on ebay. I love the look All Saints had during the early 2000s up to 2012, now it's a little more minimalistic but I loved the Victorian/steampunk vibes of that time.

 I finally figured out how to style this coat! If you've read the blog for long you might remember this coat and how I've tried to style it before. It's a velvet coat from Cabi that I found in a consignment shop and it had so much potential that I haven't been able to tap before.  It always looked vaguely frumpy before but working with a dress with a really full skirt and leaning into the dark boho vibes seemed to work.

 I liked this but these pants wrinkle like crazy through the hips and it looks frumpy if I'm not careful. I think I need to take the hem up maybe an inch and play around with some different tops. This has been favorite way I've worn them so far, I really liked them with the wedge boots and the drape of the coat and the scarf hood.
 Lol, I was getting beat up by a tree.  Those baby Ents man.  This was just a fun look with lots of layers, I've been finding tons of Free People lately at our thrift store and heavy boots and I am here for it. This outfit is 100% thrift store aside from the Betsy Johnson bag I got from our local consignment shop. (I love this bag and have used it so much this summer, the embroidered strap makes it work with everything and I have so much fondness for Betsy Johnson from the 90s.  I loved her clothes and use to drool over them in the style magazines but there was no place to buy it in small town Alaska in the 90s and we certainly didn't have money for it.  Then one year my awesome Aunt bought me a red Betsy Johnson dress for my 13th birthday and I treasured it so much, it might have been the only thing I wore that entire year.  My daughter also loves how fun Betsy Johnson's stuff is and I found the coolest watercolor dress and little striped purse at the thrift store for her and she's been wearing them non stop this school year.)

 I like showing how layers build up a an outfit - it's usually cold here and you ended up adding and subtracting layers as you go in and out of places during most of the year so I like my outfits to look good no matter what point of layering I'm at.  I wore the velvet coat again and I loved it with this outfit as well, the longer cardigan and the flounced hem of the dress seemed to make the frumpiness of the coat look intentional. I really like the costuming in Hocus Pocus and other 90s Halloween-ish movies and the full skirt/lots of colors/fabrics/and slightly frumpy coats was a big hallmark of those.  I am also really pleased with how well the boots matched the dress, that was a bit unintentional, haha.

Same idea as the outfit above and hey, you can't let a good misty morning go to waste.  I pulled out my handmade fleece scarf again, this was my homemade version of that dope All Saints scarf from several years ago that had the ribbing that looked like spine bones. I've worn the scarf for four years now and it is till doing well so I'm happy about that.  I layered this gauzy Free People dress again, this time over a longer velvet maxi skirt and I loved how it worked out.  (I either thrift all of my Free People or buy it second hand on ebay, you can find a lot for very cheap on ebay!)


  1. I know I have been on ghost mode again, but I am coming back to life for your Ent reference. I always have time for that.

    That Anthro poncho is tastefully working a scenic graphic. If you remember the 90's tee's with tacky photograph images of buildings and such things, then you'll understand why I can appreciate an image done well on clothing. They were everywhere and literally everyone's mom wore one.

    Anyway, hi! xox

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