Thursday, September 5, 2019

Technical Problems I Guess

I'm sorry, I am having the worst time with blogger today! I've lost this post twice and it finally updated a stripped down version. Sorry!

I'd been wanting a plaid skirt so badly and then I remember this one that has been stuck in my mend basket - it has the perfect amount of swish and works with several different style genres.

It is getting old enough for my taller boots and I am so excited, I feel like my fall and winter style is quite a bit better than my summer style.  I got this hood scarf a little while back and it is fun to have an alternative to my hats.

This was such a fun outfit and I tried to go a little more extra with my makeup here.

Ok, this dress looks a 100% better with this belt!  I do need to put another hole in the belt so I can wear it at my actual waist but I like it with tighter dresses and over coats, like the outfit above.

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