Friday, September 13, 2019

A Week of Themes

 Well, I love few things more than capes and wool cape season is almost upon us. Hurrah!

Breaking out the tall boots an short skirts. It must be fall up here.

 I know, I haven't worn tis dress in a while and I've been so inspired lately to wear it again, new coats, boots and cardigans are really helping!

Hmm, just being witchy. 

 These three outfits were for a theme on reddit's FFA - the theme was dance inspired! I'm disappointed I didn't have enough time to do a good Lord of the Dance look (because that's one of my all time favorites) I did two ballet themed looked, both loosely based off the Black Swan in Swan Lake and one tap practice inspired look. I did tap years ago and it was so fun - I had red high heeled tap shoes so I knew I had to do this look.

This was another challenge, this time for the #darkcovenstyle on instagram -the theme was autumn pumpkin harvest. I reworked my branch crown from a while ago and while I'm not sure I nailed the theme, I did love the look.

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