Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Falling Into Fall (In Alaska At Least)

 Our weather has been all over the place lately so I've been able to layer quite a bit. (I know, the weather is everyone's favorite subject.)  It was just cold enough to break out a wool cardigan, I choose this one because the draping and ruffles felt like they worked well with the similar drape of the dress. One of our librarians told me I looked like either a green witch or a wood fairy and I am down with that.

 Well, those stupid light leaks are hard to get away from with the sun but I was too lazy to keep trying to take photos.  I just wore all of the black drapey and leather stuff on this day and while I feel like the grey tank wasn't the best choice for this, I did have fun swishing around in the long cardigan.  It is also always fun to break out the blue lipstick! I would wear it more often but I seam to get blue (specifically only the blue) lipstick all over my face's not an every day thing, even though I love it.

 I'm a little on the fence with this. I liked the belt in the mirror but looking at the photos I feel like it was a step too far.

 Sorry for the close up but I liked my green eyeshadow. However, I am awful at taking photos of my make up and have not idea how those beauty bloggers take such fantastic closeup shots.  I need to work on it I suppose.  This was just the Frame black jeans again with a Levi jacket and the awesome rose Doc Marten Vondas.

See, I can do normal.  Maybe.  This is about as close as I can get and it does feel like a tame look but I wish I had worn a hat to really compete the look.

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