Friday, August 16, 2019

Colder Weather Up North

 Whoa, two posts in one week?  This outfit is one of my favorites, I've been really happy with how this coat "completes" an outfit, it is a perfect layering piece and adds lots of visual interest to an outfit.

 I just got these pants after wanting a pairing of printed bellbottoms and while it is an okay first styling attempt, I think I can put together better looks.  I am super excited about them however!

 Oooh, more pants!  These pants are so big but don't feel overwhelming because of how flowy they are. They're almost more of a maxi skirt than pants and I think that makes it easier to style them.  I liked the print mixing here and the big cashmere cardigan is so soft and adds some texture.

 I've shown this shirt before but always worn backwards and open! (It buttons up the back and I like how it looks as a loose jacket.) The print is striking and I liked how the whole look cam together.

 This was an experiment more than anything.  I've struggled with styling this Vivienne Westwood coat for years and it suddenly occurred to me that I've always worn it with a plain top. I found my ruffled top and then the plaid pant and somehow I ended up at evil sheriff cosplay. Huh.  Either way, it was a fun look and now I have some ideas for this coat - I feel like I can polish this look up and do something awesome with it.

 Hmm, I'm not crazy about this. The sleeves are fun but I need to wear a bigger coat with them because they bunch up so badly. The pants also wrinkle badly and I don't care for how that looks.

 Another look I am not crazy about, the tee make this look kind of disheveled and not very put together.  But below I tried a similar look with a collared shirt and a similar colored maxi ( with more structure in everything) and I like it so much more!

 I pulled out my big All Saints coat from the coat box because it has rained so much lately and been colder in the morning and also because I have been planning outfits around it all summer. Go coat!

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