Friday, July 19, 2019

Some Dark Style in The Smoke Again

 I loved this - I had gotten the hair band from Icings last year and just started playing around with using hair accessories rather than hats and I enjoyed how this worked out. I wish I had gotten a better shot of my eye look because I quite liked the purple to blue shift of the shadow but I am pretty awful at decent eye shots.  New thing to work on I suppose!

 This is an older cardigan that I pulled out and a slightly colder day and I like how the length and volume brought a lot of drama to otherwise "just a dress" kind of outfit. I tried the hair band again but did a poor job of making a bun and my bangs just did not want to cooperate.

 My mom gave me the Vonda 1640 Doc Martens for my birthday and I love them so much! They had sold out in town almost instantly around Christmas last year and I was so bummed - this was the best present! They also are way more comfortable than my patent leather 1640 docs - those have taken years to really break in but this pair was comfortable right off the bat. (Actually, the patent leather 1640s are the only docs that have killed my feet, every other pair has broken in within a few years.)  The tiger cardigan is a dope Free People one I found at the Meg and Me consignment store in Tacoma last winter when I was visiting my brother and sister in law. I wore it a bit last winter and then with a few of the colder days have been wearing it more.

 This is a beautiful silk Taloni dress from our local consignment store The Vintage Junky that I found a while back. I had to do a few alterations to make it work but it was worth it in this case. Most of the time unless I know I will do an alteration I won't buy something but in this case, I really loved the pattern and the silk and the alterations were some I could do quickly. I wore it with some fun yellow bow sandals from last summer and my vintage tooled leather bag.  It's going to be easy to winterized with some heavy cardigans and my lace up boots this winter.

The star maxi strikes again!  This is a Red Valentino dress I found on ebay for super cheap because it has a small repair ( almost invisible, I had to search for it!) and I guess the owner felt that really took the value down.  I wore it this time with the yellow bow sandals again - I've really been enjoying my boots this year and haven't felt like wearing sandals but I suppose I should before winter strikes!  I tried to wrap a scarf but but again, my bun kept falling out and it wasn't super great looking by the time I took these shots.


  1. The first outfit was my favourite and I love your bag :)

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  2. That first picture looks like it should be a book cover - so lovely.
    Great silk dress - I wouldn't have been able to pass it by, either.

  3. Finally! Every time I want to sit and type a reply I get distracted . . . you know how it goes.

    I like how you're playing up your hair with accessories. The leafy band is gorgeous in contrast to all the dark clothing. That's one to try again. I like the idea of a head scarf too. It's very rockabilly (for me) and something I keep thinking of doing again. I have some cutesy things from Claires that I don't use. Maybe I'll catch up to you by next year, LOL.

    I like seeing you in your star dress so often. It's a fun one! Nice way to reuse the wrap too, in that first outfit. And, hello! I love that gorgeous Taloni dress and with that red hat! *heart emoji* Your outfits this week are all beautifully styled, but my constant heat stroke doesn't believe you're all ready for sweaters and toppers again! Late July is the end of summer weather, right?
    For what it's worth, I found a knitting pattern for a child sized version of that Free People cardigan. It was very popular some years ago – I remember it. So tempted now to make one for my little girl . . .hmmm.


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