Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Lighter Summer Style

 Summer cape in a slightly lighter look, I like it with the richer colors of this Target dress I found at the thrift store. (The empire cut I not the most flattering but I like to try different silhouettes out.)

 Wearing the crop pants from the spring #30x30 in a more summery look. I think this would have been cute with a pair of clogs or boots but I was lazy and went for birks. 

 A silk robe, a winter kate top and shorts because it was hot again. I'm trying to work on styling shorts in a manner that doesn't read "shorts, a top and sandals" but more of an actual LOOK.  This doesn't quite make it but I think that might be due to the footwear choice here.

 The Target maxi with a fringe cape and heavy boots - I loved this even though it looks a little off balanced in photos.

 I went to a country music concert and I love the chance for some good cosplay er dress up opportunities.  I threw his together at the last moment but to be honest, I think I should have gone with my lace Free People French courtship dress and the Ariat boots instead, that would have been super country and I would have liked the proportions more.  That said, while I don't like the knee length proportion wise on me, it was perfect for dancing and we did a ton of that!  (It was the Joe Nichols concert - I was a barn manger for the 00's and while I did play Disturbed in the mornings, I had to play something more "family friendly" when students were there and there was a lot of Joe Nichols on the radio at that time. It was a fun blast from the past and I always like a concert where I can sing all of the songs.)

 Trying short outfits again but this was very lazy, I didn't even put on makeup this day. 

 Shorts again, this is getting closer to an actual look.  I might have it figured out by January at this rate.

 These are the pants from a few posts ago - I like the long version but I'm short and I just felt like SO much fabric. I cropped them to this length and I feel like I will get way more use out of them now!  The length works better for my height and with my shoes.

Too many pictures but this was a rare outfit where everything came together.


  1. I'm liking that your makeup takes on an unintentional influence from Cult Party Kei, assuming you aren't going for a CPK look. The tones of red compliment you well!

    I wish I had cool toppers like your kimonos and ponchos and wraps. They really do add a stylish bohemian effect - something I don't feel much in my own outfits. You're doing wonders with the dark boho even in summer! That last dress is pretty spectacular too.

    1. Hi! I am so sorry, I have really been slacking when I comes to the blog and getting back to people and I apologize so much for neglecting you! I had not heard of Clut Party Kei but I do feel inspired by the igari blush style and really enjoy it (I just love blush, it is like my favorite makeup item) and the red/pink eyes are mostly just a goth throw back. There's so mang good reds now, I love all of the options! Toppers make a HUGE difference, I felt like as soon as I started focousing on those and coats that my style started to finally come together. They are great for adding depth and visual interest to an outfit. You have a really good grasp on this already though, I feel like you have excellent layering skills! Thank you so much for all of your sweetness and the time you take to type up such thoughtful comments, I really do appreciate and enjoy reading them and I am so sorry I haven't been doing the same.

  2. Is there somewhere that you link where the items are from, like that amazing star dress? It's my first time coming across your blog (led here by a comment on reddit!) and I love all your outfits.

    1. Hi Victoria! Thank you so much, that is very kind of you! The star dress is a Red Valentino dress that I found cheap on ebay (it has a small rip that had been repaired so the owner was selling it for a fraction of the price). I don't normally link to any of my clothes as most of them are thrifted or bought second hand through ebay or consigment. Most of my items are Free People (can be found for low prices on ebay!) Anthropologie, A few Rick Owen items that I've slowly collected over the years from ebay, J.brand and rag and bone jeans (also super cheap on ebay) and then most of my shoes are from the same sources. I'm sorry I'm not more of a help there! If there's anything in particular you were looking at I'll try to see if I can find some ebay search's for you! (OK, I did a quick google search and I can't find the Red Valentino star maxi anywhere but I did find the short version with one listing on ebay.

      https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-RED-VALENTINO-Black-Chiffon-Sheer-Star-Print-Dress-Long-Sleeve-S-approx-US-4/223572454288?hash=item340df4eb90:g:yY8AAOSw2kpdGlXw however it is expensive


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