Wednesday, July 24, 2019


K.Dotty at Woven Mornings was talking about a white cape yesterday and I remember my own white cape - this is the one from last fall that I found at the thrift store after stalking it on ebay. It is a Ralph Lauren Collection cashmere cape and it is so fancy I has to roll into a dark elf (but in white!) inspired outfit.  The dress is a Free People one I found at our consignment store (and I realized my lace band had slipped down and you can see my bra but whatevers, life happen.  And next time I'll pay more attention, ugh.

 It was a cold and misty more so I went with some adventurer vibes. I had to lose the coat and the cape a few hours into the morning because it heated up quickly but hey, at five in the morning a cape is very cozy. 

 Ok, blue jeans are my nemesis and I've complained about them before. I have trouble styling in a way that feels interesting and looks cohesive so I tried to go with a visually interesting look with the star embroidered sheer top, the Vonda Doc Martens and a flower crown.  I'm not sure, I'm kind of meh, kind of ok with it.  It's a good look for "blending in" I suppose.  (But dude, I am totally open to critique, if you have any styling ideas lay them on me!)

 Mmm, another kibnd of like outfit but I think the vest AND the shirt are too soft together and I need more structure in there somewhere.  I feel like it is an okay look but it need work and can be better.  It was too hot for a coat so that would have been an easy way to make the styling more interesting - I struggle with hot summers and trying to figure out how to make simple looks work.

 This is my super old American eagle jacket that won't die and I still love it.  This was an easy outfit with the buckle boots, a flowy lace dress (this is the Free People French Courtship dress and it comes in so many colors and can be found on ebay for cheap - sizing is a little on the larger size and is generous.)  and I added a headband, the sash from my star maxi and the embroidered bag for some texture mixing and visual interest.

My mom gave me this hat for my birthday and I love it.  It is pretty different from all of my other hats and it blocks the sun so well AND it looks very intentional with just a [[lain silk maxi.

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