Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A Smokey Week of Dark Style

 Another week of smoky photos!  Alaska is experiencing an unusual heat wave and although the Interior of Alaska does normally get up to and past 90F in the summer, that normally means a very fiery and smoky summer.   The heat has been a little on and off but the smoke has been pretty miserable.  That said, this week I felt my looks were more cohesive and I feel pretty good about them.  This is the fancy star dress again - this time I wore the cosmic boots with it and between those, the star print and the silk cape, I love the black and gold color scheme.

 This is a pair of Frame pants I thrifted a while back. I like the fit and the crop flair but they wrinkle like crazy as you can see.  I also did an awful tuck job that was not helped by my tank being too thick for it, it ended up looking very lumpy.  The top is a silk Anna Sui for INC that I thrifted and is very lightweight so perfect for the heat.

 The temps were all over the place this day so I wore a jacket sometimes. I loved this way of styling the big pants from the last post, the crop top felt like a good proportion and the bag followed the color scheme well.  I also wore a lot of necklaces, I am defiantly not a "take one off before you leave the house" kind of person!

 This is one of my very favorite outfits.  The top is actually a Zara dress, the print is so fun and adds a good folklore vibe to an outfit, especially with the belt.  The robe is actually a Rick Owens wrap maxi that I just wore loose, I love the slightly villainous air it lent to the look.

 I loved this as well!  This is the forever21 maxi from a while back and one I found at our local consignment store last summer.  For a F21 item, the lace is surprisingly sturdy and I know because I get stuck in this thing every single time and have to go through some serious gymnastics to get it off and it still hasn't ripped or torn! (I don't know why, it think it is just because the bust is very fitted and I am too lazy to undo the tiny little buttons on the side every time.  I am a bad role model.)  Pork returned to her photobombing ways but she's such a doll I don't care.

 The bugs were bitting so much I only got two subpar pictures out of this.  I wish I had some cunning antidote about Alaskan mosquitoes but the truth is they bit really hard and there's a lot. (I ended up with huge welts from them this time, ugh. My perfume de la Bug Dope did not work very well.)

 The fancy boots again!  I didn't wear these very much last winter, of course, so now I need to wear them in the summer. I make no sense at all.  I wore a bunch of draped, wrapped stuff in this outfit and it was fun.

Oh man, I found this All Saints jacket on ebay last winter for $11. That's right, $11.  Boom!  The down side is that the sleeves are very fitted and I cannot wear a sweater under it and my sleeves bunched up too much for the lines to be smooth. Otherwise, an A+ look I felt, I loved how the top and the skirt had a Victorian influence but didn't feel very literal. 

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  1. I love you in a cape. I love you in that turquoise blue. I love you in that fascinating chain belt that I could never pull off. What I'm seeing here are some common themes of your personal tastes but in fresh stylings.

    Eleven dollars for that jacket, huh? I live for finding steals like those on eBay. That last look is totally receiving an A+ from my grading. The jacket looks good to me (but as a fellow short girl, maybe we're used to living with sleeve problems?).

    Anyhow, now I'm adding a cape to my list of items to thrift out. A white one specifically. So I can become an Elf Queen of Lothlorien.


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