Friday, June 14, 2019

Summer in the Mountains

 There has been  lack of posts and I apologize. It isn't like they were quality posts anyways.  Life has been stressful and busy and I've been pretty fried so I haven't been engaging very much for which I apologize.  I'm going to try to get back into the swing of things. 

 My summer uniform right here, lol.

 We've had a lot of thunderstorms so far so this was an outfit for a wet and windy day.  Not exciting, I realize.

 I found a Y by Yohji Yamamoto skirt at the thrift store (so exciting!) and then apparently wrinkled the hell out of it before I took pictures.  I was told this looked like a vampire cowgirl outfit but I like goth Dolly Parton better.

 Hah, I have only a few shots of this because lightening started striking right next to me!  The storm rolled in so fast and it was one of the first times I'd heard a storm warning on the radio for summer! (Of course, I heard the warning after it hit.)  For as dark as the sky was, I'm surprised it photographed so light but I didn't have time to play with the settings. This is just a Rick Owens dress and vest with my old H&M coat and the free people sandals that are a few years old.

 My star maxi again, this time with a leather jacket and boots because we had another rain storm.  I wear my leaher jacket out in the rain because I feel like there's not much point to babying them (although I do oil them) and I like a "worn in" look to my clothes.

 I just loved this outfit - the rough jacket with the lace maxi and the tall boots really worked for me. It is one of those few looks where I wouldn't change anything.

 My favorite boots of all time and that is saying a lot, considering how much I love boots!  They look so cool with the Spell Designs maxi.

 I got this Free people tunic last winter at a consignment store in Tacoma (Meg and Me which was awesome!)  I wore it a little in the winter but had been saving it for summer and I love it over the star jeans! Also, not sure I had enough necklaces on....

 This is a suede vest I  found at the thrift store.  Summers can get really hot up here so I've been trying to find interesting ways to layer without dying.  We've been lucky that our hottest day so far has only been in the high 70s  because this would be too much for me otherwise but I liked the simple black dress with the boots and vest adding a little personality.

 A simple outfit formula, just my Rick Owens maxi skirt and a tee tied up.  I've been really happy having cool versions of what are "basics" for me - in this case a maxi skit would be a basic for summer wear and this RO skirt has a beautiful drape and movement to it, making a basic and special.

I'll end this on a good note  - this last picture is one of my very favorites of all time. What I pictured in my head ended up on camera and I feel like hey, maybe I am not totally awful at this picture thing!  I also loved my outfit this day. I had thrifted this Alice and Olivia cashmere cape last summer but forgot to get pictures of my outfits with it. I had one from last winter but for some reason I like wearing it more in the summer. 

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