Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Another Week of Summer

 Another week of outfit posts! You'll have to forgive me, this set is mostly thanks to the goofy faces Sarge makes.  He is such a silly boy and then Dakota and a kid had to photobomb and be all cute. 

 Looking in totally different directions.....
 Now he's laughing at me...

 This is the jumpsuit again but with a tank top over it. I love all of the volume and it was very cooling to wear on a hot day. I wish I had gotten better photos but I took these right before heading to be. (I love it when it is so light so late at night!)

 My very old Anthropologie jumpsuit returns, this time with a robe for some pattern mixing and birks.  I liked how the colors of the two patterns were very similar, I felt it made them work and it was a fun look.

 A vest, a crop top and a RO skirt because why not.  It was really hot again so the crop top felt pretty nice!

 A crop top with some big pants this time!  I'm not crazy about the flatforms with the big pants, it fells a bit heavy at the bottom visually so I think next time I will wear boots or clogs or something.

 My old Free People dress, this time with a robe!  I have to say, I really hate this shoe choice.  I never like these shoes in an outfit despite them on paper being very "me" so I think it may be time to pass them along.  I think this would have been cuter with boots, clogs or sandals but not these shoes.

 Ok, on to an outfit I did like!  I wore my old thrifted clogs with this cotton dress and really liked it with the wrap worn as a scarf.

 I shamelessly copied this from an instagram user ( frisky_gatos) and loved it.  This is an old Joie dress with my cowboy Acne boots and it was just super fun to wear. Ha, I just realized I've ben using this Besty Johnson bag non stop lately -I love the embroidered strap, there's plenty of room in te bag and I have a lot of fondness for the brand.

 I apparently have my "dark and brooding" days where I wear all of the Rick Owens and the blue lipstick.  I loved this and had fun wearing it, enough said.

 A slightly lighter note with my old All Saints dress, a winter kate robe and a straw hat that I felt complimented the lines of the dress.

And both the robe and the cotton dress are back for this outfit.  I've really enjoyed layering this robe, it seems like it works well with other patterns, is light enough not to be too warm and adds lots of visual interest and layering to a summer look.

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  1. Haha Sarge is great! Love his repertoire of expressions.

    I totally forgot about the whole knotting-up-a-maxi-skirt thing, I'm going to try that with one of my dresses that's long one of these weekends. It was cool to see a range of summer looks from easy breezy minimal goth to full boho, and seeing all the interesting draping in the black pieces.

    The red pleated wide leg pants are fabulous but I agree they seem a bit heavy with the flatforms. Though I think having the wide brimmed hat does help balance the look out some.


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