Monday, May 6, 2019

Just one


I''ve been trying to upload pictures to Blogger for the past hour and so far have just these so I suppose today is quite a short post!  This is another outfit in the 30x30 with a hooded coat I found at Value village a while back and my H&M dress from 2014.  I was really pleased at how the coat and the dress layered and belting to coat kept it from being too overwhelming.   The coat is quite light so it works well for this in-between weather we've been having and hey, any coat with a hood is awesome!

Edit: Blogger maybe works!  I got a few more outfits from the 30x30 up so yay blogger for maybe working a little?


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  1. Playing catch up on your posts . . .
    Do you remember how you styled your hair on the day you wore that straw hat? It looks like it may be in some kind of bun and I like how it works with the hat. I am close to chopping mine off because it's always in my face and I hate it.
    Anyway, love seeing your style transition from winter to spring again.


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