Monday, May 13, 2019

Another Week of Outfits

 Hey ho everyone!  Welcome back to another week of the 3x30 aka the challenge hat I am really sucking at and that may never be over....I think I've learned with this challenge so far is that while I can bang out a short 10x10 because I can fit a theme nicely into it, it is a lot harder to d that with a 30x30 because I want to wear a bunch of different stuff and my mood for extraness varies from day to day.  if you've hung along so far, I commend you for your patience.  I put in a lot more effort this week and as a result, it looks a little more cohesive.
Above is an outfit I loved - a fancy embroidered dress with a leather jacket, my favorite black hat and these sick "Gabi" boots by Alexander Wang. I love interesting shoes and with the heel cut out on these make them some of my favorites. If my ankles would fit into the MM Tabi boots I'd save up for a pair for sure.  (Thanks ankles for saving me a bunch of money.)

 This dress use to be a favorite four or five years ago and I just haven't won it much in the past two.  Putting it in my challenge really rekindled my joy for it and I like how some of my newer items, like these Joe boots by Free People look with it.  And true talk, I felt like these boots have taken a lot of my outfits to the neck level.  They're awesome.

 I only got a few pictures and y battery died which is a shame, I loved the embroidered dress with hooded coat. 

 Woooo this was a day I was feeling the extra I suppose. This Isabel Marant top is one of my absolute favorite purchases this year. The embroidery is really stunning and  feel like it pushes the folklore aspect of my outfits farther.

 A simple look - coat, boots and a dress but with all of the details it was pretty interesting!

 I love these pants, they make me think of a divided riding skirt and I love how easy it is to take them in a western way style wise.

Not much to say, I didn't fall in the water and the people on the other side of the lake probably thought I was weird.


  1. You have been killing it with the photography on your 30x30 outfits! I especially love the long hooded coat and the circle bag in the forest clearing. Definitely going to try the FP boots with my red midi skirt this weekend since the weather is going to cool down a little. Great combo!

  2. Are you still taking your own photos? I like seeing all your diverse locations and poses - you look like you're having a good time with all of this. The hooded coat/sweater is really a cool piece and I'm (of course) drawn to the red button midi skirt. You do red so well :D


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