Thursday, May 30, 2019

And a few more

 I missed posting last week for the 30x30 and to be honest I got a bit burnt out.  There's lots going and bogging is falling to the back burner.  These are the last few oufits for the challenge.



 I really had fun wearing this jumpsuit with the lace robe and it was very comfortable for a hot day with the wide legs!

 Barbie feel asleep while I was trying t get her to pose all cool. And had a good roll in the one mud puddle after I  had brushed her.   Horses man. This is the last outfit for the challenge and now it is all the maxis all the time

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  1. Well, I hope you start winding down soon with the start of summer. Does summer vacation make you feel more hectic with the kids in the house?

    The velvet pants are killing me, softly. Like a casual day in sweats and tanks, but let's make the sweats velvet and the tanks lacey. *Boom* Fashun.

    Because I have terrible eyesight I thought you were wearing a body harness in your colorful maxi skirt look, and I was all, "way to goth it up, Katie". Oops, nevermind. It's just a cool boho necklace.

    Anyway, I'm feeling you on the maxis. Skirts and dresses come at us!


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