Monday, April 15, 2019

Walking into Spring

 Happy Tax day fellow americans! (such an exciting holiday...)   With that joyous salutation out of the way, here's a post at long last. April has really flown by and with it, all of our snow. These outfits are all from the past few weeks and you'll notice the snow slowly disappearing.  This is my first "nailed it" look with the red cape and I love it. So much that I took too many shots, whoops.  I like the long lines the maxi and the cardigan created and I think that works well with the length of the cape.
Just a shot of a full moon in the sunshine.

 This Victorian inspired All Saints coat has been a favorite lately, I like how it layers and even on a simple base look like jeans and a back sweater it looks dramatic.

 This coat is even better with a maxi dress and cardigan - I like this quite a bit more than my last outfit with this coat and a dress and that is because the proportions wok better for me.  There's also lots of volume

 I love these pants with Doc Martens but I've realized I don't love how "business pant" they look with the pockets and the top part of the pant.  I feel like the cut throws off the wide leg, cropped pant look I want.

 The citizens of humanity Fleetwood crops again - I love these so much! Currently my favorite pair of pants.  I branched off a bit and wore my Docs with these rather than my Alexander Wang boots and I really like how they worked with the cropped length.

 An ok look, I've been trying to play with proportions more and I like how this coat works with most dress lengths.

 I wore this skirt as a dress and it would have worked better with a different bra.  This one made the top too "foofy" where more of a minimizer strapless bra would have been more seamless.  I do like the Docs with it, I've been having a lot of fun wearing them lately.

 The cape again! This thrifted Topshop dress has tiny stars rather than dots and I love the cut so much! (Sorry about the weird close up, I wanted to show off my eyeshadow. I really liked it that day.)
 A meh look for sure which is why there is just one shot.

 Bare legs and docs!  I said I've been wearing them quite a bit lately, I've enjoyed how they look with my outfits and they are the perfect boot for the Alaska breakup season with all of the mud and slush.

I love the Jeffrey Campbell Litas that were so popular back in 2010/2011. They are such an ugly bastardization of a Victorian boot and I am here for it.  For as high as they are, they're very easy to walk and run in and I enjoy all of the extra height!

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