Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A Look At Spring

 Happy Spring!  Or at least, sort of spring. It keeps snowing here which is alright by me, dressing for the rising temps is not my strong point.  All of the layers and coats all of the time!  In this case, I found this skirt at Value Village and wow, is it beautiful. I like the midi length which is not something I would have thought I would.  I should have realized it is more about the proportions in relation to myself rather than writing them off because I am short.  I wore my cloak here and I love it. Cloaks need to come back as casual wear.  I looked up a bunch of older Valentino cloaks and wow, they add so much to a look.  They don't really work with a basic blue jeans/tee shirt outfit but swap out for black jeans, some killer boots and sweater or in this case, a midi skirt and it's a ~lewk.~

 t has been snowing off an on and I wish I had not taken the snow tires off my car!  I was tired so I jut threw on some Dr Martens and second hand Rick Owens stuff I've bought from ebay over the years and called it a day.

 The skirt again!  My bangs would not cooperate with me and look a bit meh. I knew this before I cut them, why did I do it? (Because every no and then they look great and I have hair amnesia.)  I love the collar on this sweater and how it goes with the skirt, the laced up boots kept it from being too sweet.

 Meh, I don't care for this.  These through longer hem is really throwing me off - I would have liked it with tall boots I think.

See, tall boots for the win!  

 The red cape strikes again! I like the tie cardigan with this embroidered dress, I just wish the weather would decided what to do,lol.

 I loved this look, these boots are too much fun and I always enjoy this coat.

 Hmmm, this was some interesting volume and layering, I am not sure how I feel about it.

 Blah, bad proportions for me here. This was a fun outfit to wear but the proportions look quite off in the photos.

 Now this I loved! I know people love to make fun of the Lita boots but I have such a fondness for them that it doesn't bug me,  ugly boots forever.

 Big pants!  If I had worn a more interesting top and a hat, I think this would have been great.  For me, I think taking an outfit to the extreme tends to work better than half assing it as I did here by taking the safe choice of a plain tank top.  An interesting top with twists or something would have matched the vibe and made it more intentional.

 See? Don't half ass it Katie!  Full ass all of the way!

We went to a ballet, I dressed up with this Black label Vera Wang gown I thrifted. I love Vera Wang's clothing lines - I think she is a great example of a diffusion line such as her line for Khol's really working. Everything in it looks very Vera Wang to me and I love the prints and cuts she does for it. I also love finding her fancier lines, this dress has a beautiful drape and twist to the bodice and there's a train to the skirt. 

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  1. I have a wool cloak I wore probably once and never again. It's in my mom's closet because she believes I need to hold onto it forever (and only because it's a Betsey Johnson). The time will come when I can wear cool items like cloaks but, til then, I can admire your stylings from far away.

    I like the length of the knitted beige cardigan. The one I have hits at the hip and it all wrong for just about everything I like to wear. For some reason I hold onto that basic thing instead of the designer cloak? I don't get me sometimes.


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