Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Going into Spring

 It is exciting to see the end of March in sight and it is even more exciting that sring has apparently shown up early this year.  It's been in the 50sf with all of the snow starting to melt off- March is unusually early as spring normally starts at the end of April but I am enjoying it.  These are from the past few weeks with lower temps. I wore my cowboy boots  with this outfit, I felt they went nicely with the All Saints green coat.  Aside from the coat and boots, it is a fairly boring outfit of black pants and sweater but I like that the accessory like the coat, scarf and boots add a little personality to it.

 These awesome fringe boots!  I always have such a hard time styling them even though I love them. I normally go very boring but someone suggested a mid dress and I cannot believe  had not thought of wearing this dress with these boots before. 

 Sorry, all I got were goober photos but it was those or really pissed looking photos. I was  tired this day and yeah, that's all I had. I did like this outfit, the Winter Kate top is always a favorite of mine and I've been having fun wearing these crop flare jeans.  I'm only 5'2 so I thought they wouldn't really work for me but I've been very surprised at how much I enjoy them now that I've played around with styling them a bit.

 Oh boy, this is some max twee going on but I found this 100% wool coat at the thrift store and I just loved it so much. Next time I think I'll wear it with a black maxi, the white dress did come across a bit too sweet. Bonus shot of Pork photobombing me and almost taking me out!

 I loved this until I saw the black lace top look like a striped pattern in the shots. For some reason that just ruins it for me.

 Nothin but love for this look.  So far I have loved my outfits with these jeans! They go really well with all of my embroidered tops and seem to work with most coat lengths.

I was losing daylight so I only had a few shots of this outfit but I really liked it.  The skirt has great movement and it goes so well with the floral old Navy Scarf from a few years ago.

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  1. Ughhhhh those cowboy boots are so cute!!! I like them with the black pants. I still need a pair of black pants *pathetic isn't it*. Those fringed boots, too, are just amazingly amazing. LOVE them with the red dress. Also I really like that red dress as I have told you before.

    You're working those cropped pants really nicely. I hope I can pull off a similar look when I acquire all the fashionable pieces needed to make a cute cropped pants outfit. Very likely my take would be a brighter more pink and white version of yours, haha.

    And if it means anything, the lace top looks like a lace top to me. I see what you mean about stripes but I definitely would think of it as a cute lacey thing. :)

    Also! Thank you for your comments!! Life's been hard this month and I enjoy finding little responses here and there from people I admire. *heart emoji*


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