Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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 Good old March has just been kicking my butt with work and school so I've been extra sucky at updating the blog. Go me!  However, I have been trying to take pictures of my outfits because I do still have to get dressed and having fun with my outfits and general look is kind of the bright side to being so crazy. (Or perhaps it's the fun thing I've got going right now.)  This outfit is one of my favorites. I pulled out an old American eagle maxi skirt that has been featured quite a bit on the blog but this was quite a new way to style it. I had my Rick Owens coat on at first and felt like the outfit need a little more "oomph" so I threw on my cloak because hey, who does do that?

 Thank you for all of the great feed back on this cloak!  I only have this shot for this upload but I've been playing with it and I went with the suggested tall boots for this look. It was very sleek and evil feeling and I went with it and wore my black lipstick because even though I might be approaching my mid 30s this year, I still like fun makeup whether it is black lipstick and red eyeshadw or freaking bright pink sparkly eyes!

 Some more black lipstick with my coat layering, this was a fun outfit as well! These are some Rick Owens leather pants I found for a stupid deal but ugh, they are a little baggy in the leg and not in that cool, hip, super stack way.  I'm going to play with them and see if I can do some small alterations to make them work better.

 A little different from the past few outfits here - we had a big week of "music in our schools" and both of my children play instruments so every night was practice and performances. This is honestly a little dressed up but I felt the leather jacket and moto boots took if from being too dressy. Our town can be quite low key - the nicest restaurant in town has no dress code and many people show up in their "nice" Carhartts which no shade, I like that about our town. (But I like to be extra and as long as I am not dressed inappropriately for the situation, like wearing a prom dress to an outdoor bonfire in -40f or high heels to the barn, I think it's ok.)

 Ugh, bright, overhead sunshine and reflective snow with no shade around makes for lots of squinting and harsh light. Sorry.

 I've been trying to figure out how to style this Vivienne Westwood jacket I've had for years and it's....going ok I guess.  I like this outfit in theory but these wide leg pants look more bell bottom-y in the photos than I like.  I think next time I'm just going to play up the Victorian aspect of it.

 I like this and I do not.  The idea of it is ok but I would have liked a coat with a little more structure in the shoulders. The outfit otherwise was so soft and flowy everywhere that I think a sharper should would have balanced it out. I also did not realize how the cardigan buttoned up did not play well proportion wise with the waistline of the dress - the two not lining up really bothers me.  But it was fun to break out the cowboy boots!

 Oh hey, more leather pants. Not much to say, I loved this outfit.

 And this outfit I REALLY loved. I wore these pants this past fall and HATED them- they looked so awful an stumpy and I hadn't worn them again until a few weeks ago when I wore them with these boots and GAME CHANGER.  (In this case, I've worn my tops tucked in before and I much prefer that, I don't think the proportions of he top untucked are great but it's alright.)

Ending today's post on another outfit I loved, with a cape again.  They'll start calling me cape chick if I keep this up, or wanna-be-larper. 

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