Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Another Week-ish Of Winter

 And my secret identity as a flasher is out!
That aside, here's another week-ish worth of outfits. Our weather was a little all over the place with -20F to 30F and wow, does that fifty degree range mean that 30f feels tropical.  On this day it was right about 15 which is warm enough I don't normally wear mittens with my looks. Any colder and my hands freeze.  This is a Max Mara 100% wool coat I found at the thrift shop which hold the freaking phone is awesome.  It is a maxi length, a big swing shape with loose arms and a high neck and it feels like a wizards coat.  I love it so much.  Because of the warm temps I did not wear my usual thermals underneath and just rolled with smart wool tights, a bodysuits and my trusty Banana Republic cashmere cardigan as layers with my dress.  With the heavy coat on top and the scarf, it was a bit over kill for our warm weather but I really wanted to wear to coat.  The down side is while I love this dress, I almost never wear it because it is so freaking long.  I am only 5'2 so that happens often but I don't care for it dragging in the snow.

 Still loving the coat (I mean, how awesome is that?!) but I did not love the outfit.  Blue jeans give me such a headache when I try to style them - how do I light blue?  I think the high neckline did not pair well with the lower rise of the jeans and then the boots.  I've done a similar look before but with a longer cashmere sweater with a lower neckline and the proportions worked better.  This is an Alice and Olivia cashmere sweater worn over a base layer which helps keep the sweater clean for longer and provides lots of warmth.  Base layers are pretty fundamental when dressing for the cold and I wear mine any time the weather drops below 15F.  I have regular thermals and silk long johns and the silk are my favorite- light weight enough they don't cause bunching under pants and very insulating and sweat wicking. (Mine are old from L.L.Bean but REI still carries them as do many outdoor gear retailers!)

 30 degrees and I am surprised all of Fairbanks isn't a nudist colony.  The common joke is that when it warms up from -50 to -20F everyone runs around in tee shirts and shorts and after 17 years, I'd have to confirm that.  30f means I am a bit over dressed but I was doing a lot of walking around outside this day and wanted to be warm. This coat is 100% course wool and then I have another dress layered under this Free people dress and a long sleeve thermal.  (Again, smart wool tights for the win!  I've done the layering on tights and after getting a pair of smart wools, I won't go back.  They are crazy warm and on cold days I layer a pair of mountaineering socks over them or my smart wool thigh high socks.)

 These are the boiled wool Norwegian winter boots from a few posts ago - these are very popular boots in Fairbanks in both the tall version and the short version! They have good traction for the ice and the boiled wool makes these crazy warm. I would not rate them on the same level as Baffin hardcore boots but I've worn these comfortably with good winter socks in -40 in extended periods outside and have been very warm.  (Good socks are such an important part of winter dressing. Cotton socks will make your feet freeze no matter what and if they get wet, your feet are toast.  Wool wicks sweat and keeps your feet dry while being very insulating. It is a world of difference.  I wear REI's mountaineering socks for deep cold like -50f and then smart wool and darn tough the rest of the time.  Worth the investment - they can be pricey at $20-$39 a pair but take good care of them and rotate and you won't need a bunch. Of course, mileage may vary depending on what your winters are like!  Fairbanks experiences a very dry cold with low or no humidity and unlike Delta and Healy which experience -80 easily with wind chills, Fairbanks and the surrounding area rarely get wind which makes it a whole different ball game. Wind chill I find to be far worst with the warmth sucked right out of you.)
Ah - I am also wearing mostly all wool in this look, the dress is a merino wool, the jacket is boiled wool and then there's a leather jacket just hanging out somewhere in there with the thigh socks being smart wools.  Merino wool is really excellent if you hate the scratchy feeling of rough wool and Costco sells amazing merino wool base layers.

 Another thrifted coat that I love. This one is wool and cashmere and very warm for how light it looks. The looser sleeves again make it very easy to layer and trap heat in-between the layers which is key to staying warm. This is a cashmere sweater and then leggings and a skirt over thermals and wool thigh high socks. I thrift and buy second hand almost completely 100% at this point - I've gotten to cheap for stores!  We do have an excellent thrift scene in our town which makes it easy.

 My other jacket love. This was a really lucky Rick Owens find on ebay and it is my number one favorite jacket of all time. It is boiled wool and has four super deep pockets and this amazing hood.  For the weight (it is quite light comparatively) it is also super warm and layers very well.  Lots of wool layers going on in this outfit again which is great for staying warm but it was also above zero.

 I forgot my mitten like a dumb-dumb and my fingers froze.  (The rest was warm though, lol!)  I loved this outfit and again, have been so happy with how this jacket layers - it seems like it works over everything and the proportions really hit a sweet spot.  I don't wear a ton of form fitting clothes despite being a 28E (which really isn't that big) so I love clothes with a good drape that fall nicely. 

 since figuring out that styling hack for these sorrels I have been wearing them a ton.  They do not have a great liner so I use the thigh high smart wools to provide most of the warmth.  This was a lot of Rick Owens' wool going on with a Tahari wool skirt - I don't wear acrylic in the winter because I've found it to not retain heat and most of my winter wardrobe is all wool/silk/cashmere/and leather because I am bonkers.

This big fleece scarf is the one I made a few years back - it is a monster in terms of size and I like how dramatic it is.  I was lazy and threw on my Nike winter running top here, mostly because it was comfortable and I love the color.

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  1. I'm feeling jealous of your thrift shops. Ours get more picked over every year and good finds - in fair condition - are more like a mythical creature. You have me with that first get up! I love the layers and how the shape of the coat trails down to reveal a peek of your dress. Want!


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