Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Another Dose of Winter Because it is still Here For Three More Months

 Another week, another post.  I took far too many pictures of this outfit but I really loved it.  This is the Max Mara wizard coat from last week - I changed up the vibes a little by throwing on a fake fur scarf and an embroidered belt and wore a embroidered slip dress to really bring on the fairytale vibes.  I liked the tall lave up boots with the outfit and felt they looked good with the coat length. It was 20F so I was a bit over dressed, I completely roasted with the heavy coat.

 Hmmm...I think I like this look more without the cape.  This is an old L.L.Bean sweater that I have found close to a dozen times in the thrift store (I suppose it was a popular sweater for them? It is really warm!) and I am really feeling the print this year. I wore it with an old Anthropologie skirt and I liked how it looked with the mukluks. A longer cape might have worked better proportion wise, I felt the length really threw off the look here.  I think it takes me a while when I introduce a new item to figure out how to style it correctly.

 I wore an old Rick Owens dress like a tunic with these mukluks and I loved it.  The whole look came together nicely with all of the layers and I liked the thicker looking boots with it where a sleeker boot might not of had so much visual impact.

 My grandmother gave me a gift card for Christmas and I had been saving it until I saw these black Sorel Conquest2 boots.  I get a lot of wear out of the conquest1 boots so...yeah.  I layered a Rick owens tunic over an all saints skirt for this layered, draped look and really liked it.

 This look is better than the last one but not quite there yet. I wore practical snow boots because we got a bunch of snow and it was blowing like crazy but I think my over the knee boots might have worked better. 

 It has been a while since I wore this all saints sweater and I forgot how much I liked the drape and volume of it!  I wore it with tall socks and timberlands and liked the vibe I had going here.  I feel like tall socks have been a fun thing to introduce into my style this year, I've had fun playing with them and I like how they pair with boots.

 I always default to skinny pants during the winter because I hate snow on my pant hems.  It is such an  icky feeling and yes, I know I wear maxis and no, it is not quite the same feeling.   I thrifted these pants last winter and broke them out again, I liked all of the volume going on here.
 Me and the pooch.  It was warm.  This sweater is too big for this.  But the dog is cute. (And he knows it.)

 I always like outfits with this wrap but my eyes were watering so badly this day that I just looked goofy in all of my photos and took quick, blah ones.  Ugh. 

 Long pants again! Twice in one week, what is happening?  I like these pants, I just always have a problem with flares - I'm short so my calf starts a few inches above where the knee in the pant is and the flare of the pant leg starts really low on my rather than at my knee and it looks off to me.

 It was windy but I loved this look. My hat did not want to stay.

Windy again and my hair was everywhere....but look, a cute dog!  Our neighbor's dog came to say hi because she's a sweetie and she knows I always have treats in my pockets.


  1. Keep the cape with that second look! I think the proportion of cape to skirt is balanced. I like the peek of skirt hem – it plays well with the shape of the cape. Try layering your socks with another OTK/thigh high pair to add more dimension to the legs (I'm thinking rouching them down a little for some texture). Then you might feel like all the lines and shapes are coming together with that cape. And I totally style my poupĂ©e doll that way.

    I like the wide legged pants with the wide brimmed hat. You pair those on purpose? I'm going to borrow that look from you, if I can find a pair of wide legged pants.

    Speaking of borrowing looks, I am copy + pasting the entire denim shirt outfit you're wearing in the . . . third from last one. Is that another vintage Ralph Lauren sweater? Does Fairbanks want to start donating their unwanted RL clothing to me? Want it.

    1. lol, you would love the thrifting scene up here, it is amazing. Thank you so much, that is a great idea about the cape and I am going to try that this week, I think you are totally right about the proportions.

  2. I love that dress in the first outfit! Also that red cape is really pretty. I love how it stands out against the snow.


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