Friday, January 25, 2019

Dark Fairytale/Folklore - Light

 The flip side to the "Dark" part of the dark fairytale/folklore influenced style. It is still very much a work in process as I figure it out but I like where it is heading. This wrap coat with the deep hood is perfect for the style and the furry mukluks help pull out the wintery part of the look.

 This sweater is one of my favorites and I've had it for a while now. It doesn't fit under most of my coats because it is so bulk but I liked it with the structured wool coat.

 Ok, I feel like the colors here lean more "dark side" than "light side" but the vibe of the outfit speaks more to the lighter part of a folk story rather than an character with darker intentions.

I have always tried to show my "fails" because I feel I learn from them and while this is an ok outfit, a different coat and hat would have pulled the vibe together more. I think if I'd worn my long Helmut Lang coat and my flat top hat this would have been much better.

 Not everyone's cup of tea but I loved this outfit.

 Anthropologie gets me every time at the thrift store! I love their cardigans and sweaters with a passion and this one with the huge ruffles is just too much fun.

 Leg warmers and the Sorrels again! I told you I liked the look and now I cannot stop.

 I mentioned wanting to wear my Docs more so here we go! I do want to try some different silhouettes with them rather than the skinny jeans, that feels a bit tired and I would like to try some new things.

 A wool cape? Yes please! I loved the proportions here and thought it was quite cute and warm.

 He doesn't understand posing.

This veers towards the dark side again, but maybe on the cusp?  who knows.

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