Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Dark Fairytale - Dark Side


 I would like to say I hit a theme this week with my outfits, beside discovering that I love wearing thigh-high socks and leg warmer with these Sorrel boots! I saw someone wearing legwarmers, these same boots, a knit mini skirt and a sweater and it was such a great look I ripped it off and have been wearing it a ton. It's so comfortable!

 Again with the leg warmers and Sorrels - I liked the little bit of color this skirt added to the look.  All of my pictures lately are super dark thanks to taking photos later in the day and a lack of light.  Fake ambiance maybe?

 Breaking out the All Saints.  I wanted to streamline my look more this winter and dark folklore/fairytale is a vibe I would like to go for. I feel like that encompasses both the lighter and darker looks I like, plays with silhouettes and there's lots of embroidery and mittens and practical hats.  We'll see how that goes seeing as I do change things around with my style but reading back I described my ideal style back in 2012 as rustic romantic so that feels like a natural progression.

 This leather Rick Owens midi skirt is everything. I like the length a lot and these Frye lace up boots have proven to be a great purchase as I've reached for then so much this past winter. They go with everything!

Well, these were awful photos, I kept making the worst faces and the coat looked bulky buttoned up but I do like the vibes. There's a lot of layering going on here with a sweater under the dress, then a cardigan and then the wool coat. This dress was from last year and I think it fits the dark fairytale look well.

 I haven't worn my Docs very often this winter because of the Frye boots but I need to change that! I love them with a long dress and this was a fun look for me.  This hood is the best thing ever, it is just so satisfyingly huge.

Ok, someone might be dangerously close to larper territory with this look but I loved it. Wear a cloak over my Rick Owen's coat? Of course I will!

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  1. i LOVE all these looks! especially that dramatic hood-- totally giving off dark elven/fairy vibes.


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