Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Twice In One Week

 It is just so dark outside right now.  I took these at 1pm....
Our sunrise is 10:30 and it sets about 2:40 right now and with all of the overcast days we've been having, it's like "where is the sun?"  No wonder we have to watch out for zombies...

I really like throwing a poncho or a larger cardigan over a wool coat over another sweater or three.  It's extra warmth and I really dig all of the layers going on. The best part is I can shed those layers as I get warmer so it's efficient.

 I thought this was a cute look but I was losing the light and someone doesn't like the beeper on the camera.  I tried to make him wear his sweater and scarf and the sad look he gave me was just too much... it probably didn't help that our other dog was laughing at him!

 I went really ham on the layers here. This is my longer Rick Owens cardigan and rather than have it drag in the snow, I wrapped it up.  Since it's Rick owens and that is sort of his thing, I don't think it looks too out of place.  Andrea at Seasons and Salt was talking a little while ago about how she struggled to style her newer items because she wasn't familiar with them and it really resonated with me. It normally takes me awhile to get into a groove with newer items so I made myself try some new things with these boots. I'd bought them thinking they would really work for some great winter boho/apocalypse looks so this was an attempt at that.

M Gets Dressed is another great blog you should be reading and that I've recommended before.  She has this skirt in a few colors and always nails it with the styling so once again, I followed Andrea's words and made myself play around with this skirt. My style is a little different but the skirt really inspired me with how much it looks like a divided riding skirt and I tried to roll with that.

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