Sunday, November 18, 2018

Real Winter Style

Well, it has been more than a hot minute  since I last wrote. I know, words!? Ive just been busy in real life and the blog has fallen off to the side. Winter has decided to finally grace us and while I don't love the deep cold, I actually really enjoy winter dress. All of the coats and layers and boots!

This outfit was for a colder day and while I am not wearing a heavy parka (it was right at 0F) I was warm. Staying warm in the winter is really all about the layers and I am a firm believer  that you don't have to buy an $800 coat to stay warm - I say this as someone who lives in a place where the temps drop to -60F. This day I wore a silk cami, a Alice and Olivia cashmere sweater, a wool sweater coat, a wool skirt, thick tights with wool socks, knee high boots and a shearling coat. I walked around downtown quite a bit and ended up being a bit too warm but there's the beauty of layering, you can take stuff off! I like smartwool tights and darn tough wool socks but Costco also sells merino wool socks in a three pack for $12.99 and I've used those for skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, packing wood, you name it, I've done it in those socks and they are the bomb.

I get cold during the first temp drop into the teens and after that I'm acclimated  to the cold. This isn't true for everyone so take any of my advice with a grain of salt. 40f might feel like hell frozen over to you so it is important to experiment with what works for you. I do like cashmere and wool sweaters but wool drives me crazy so I always wear a long sleeve tee or a silk cami underneath - this keeps me from being driven crazy with itchy wool and preserves body heat.

 Smart wool tights, camis and slips you guys - this is a big part of wearing dresses in the cold and not being cold. 

 I really enjoy wearing this Sorrel Conquest boots, they don't slip around on the ice and they are pretty cute. However, the liners for these are thin and while I feel ok in them down to 0F, I need two layers o wool socks if I want to wear them in colder weather.  The Sorrel Caribous are better for deep cold but I hate how they preform in slush and wet snow. If you want a good winter boot for deep col that stays warm, the infamous Bunny boots, Baffin's winter boots which are rated to -80F, Moon boots (which I raved about in last winter's posts) and Boggs' insulated Farm boots are all good choices.  If it doesn't get as cold, Sorrel has a ton of cute winter offerings.

I love coats and because our winters are so long, I have quite a few. Mine are a variety of warmth but this Helmut Lang one is one of my warmest! You wouldn't think a fashion coat would be as warm as a technical coat but I've been very pleased with the heat retention of this coat and as a bonus, it is really gorgeous. I think it makes a big difference  if you have coats you love to wear during the winter, it makes for going outside not being a miserable slough.


  1. Looking good Katie! You're totally inspiring me to attempt to wear my dresses more. Looking up smart wool tights ASAP. I tend to shy away from dresses and it's 50F here!

    A question for you, how are your outfits received by others? I am guessing the normal garb of Alaska skews more technical, but as you beautifully demonstrate, it doesn't have to be that way. Curious what others say to you!

    1. That is a great question! My town is extremely diverse with people from every walk of life and country in the world so I don't really stand out. I do dressed appropriate for the weather and that could be part of why I don't get comments - I'm not wearing a tank top, sandals and shorts in -50f to chop wood. Most people that dress in "techinal" gear tend to be associated with the university and are more of the crunchy granola type, most people dress in some type of business wear/ jeans and a sweater/carhartts and throw on snowboots and coats. I do see quite a few people do do the "styled" look so I suppose that helps me not stand out that much. Alaska is very funny that way, the cast's dress from Northern Exposure looks completely accurate for today and yet we also have people who throw on their coats over their cultural dresswear and people who dress in the more modern trends. It makes for very interesting style watching!


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