Thursday, October 4, 2018

Late Fall Style

 I know, another photo dump.  Eventually I think I'll get enough time to pull up a decent post but until then, here's an overload.  The return of the cooler weather means the return of my favorite leather jacket, this stunning Helmut Lang one.  I am a little surprised that after grumping all winter that I never got around to posting outfits of this dress with sandals.  What is wrong with me?!

 We drove to Anchorage to visit my husband's family this past weekend and it was so nice outside, high 60s, bright sunshine, could not ask for more! Here I am at Healy in the park next to where my dada and I use to stash the canoe for paddling around the lake after work.  Healy has grown so much since we last lived there!

 Well, have to show off those mountains right?  Speaking of which...

 Just the beginning...

 I went to the Plain Jane consignment in Anchorage and found this stunning Tibi skirt which of course, I had to wear around the next day.  And look at that pretty new All Saints fringe bag!

 There was this patch of fog just hovering over the Glenn in this one spot and then gorgeous warm sunshine all around.

 My husband got me these pants!  They are from Forever21 and he spotted them from a display - these are really nice wide whale cords and I love the color.  It was very sweet of him!

 Yeah, here's a MOUNTAIN.  This was the perfect day for seeing Denali, tallest mt in North American and recently her name was officially changed back from McKinley to her traditional name of Denali. 

 Ooooh, nice picture stereotype there Katie!  But in front of such beauty, how could you not?  If you're going to do it, do it with style.

 I promise, this was perfectly safe to be on the outside of the rail.  There's no cliff up here at the tallest lookout, just a nice hill so I wasn't pulling anything dangerous of stupid.   Death is never worth a picture to me.

 Back home and while it's been cold in the mornings, the afternoons have been amazing.  I don't know why we aren't until piles of snow right now but I am not complaining!

 Feeling the Halloween vibes...

This cashmere sweater was another buy at the Plain Jane's in Anchorage, look at the pretty collar!

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