Monday, October 22, 2018

The Fall 2018 10x10

 After coming off the summer 10x10, I feel like I once again learned quite a bit; namely don't overthink it! My 10x10 felt week and off kilter to me so I felt the fall challenge would be a good time to reassess my style.  Because of the weather predictions and having a trip to take care of a relative right in the middle of the challenge, I started mine early.  I went into it with more of a story in mind and felt like I really enjoyed the process this time.   All of my items are second hand aside from the F21 cords and because of the said weather predictions looking a bit daunting, I decided to pick 9 items and leave the 10th as a wild card for footwear.  I wasn't sure how much snow we'd get so this seemed like the best option.  I did included coats!