Saturday, September 15, 2018

Some outfits

 Well hello again everyone.  again, I am the worst about updating.  Life has been busy and I currently don't have a ton of time for the blog but I still enjoy taking outfit pictures.  I noticed I've been a bit off in my style this past spring and summer and I'm not sure if it was because I wanted to try new styles or just feeling stuck.  The good thing is I realized I like what I'd worked towards these past seven-ish years of blogging and maybe don't try to fix what isn't broken.  Here I wore my favorite to and skirt again - I love these as a dress and dam if that look isn't on tread! 

 Big scarf, hat, boots and cardigan - everything about this screams fall.

 I have wanted to try the "mom" jeans trend so badly and have really loved the styles I saw others wearing.  Turns out, it is not great on me.  Straight jeans hang weird on my bigger calves and I' not getting the look right.

 See, now this I love to the moon and back.  I suppose I am still a skinny jean devotee, no matter how much  love the styles on others.
 I found Frye boots for a kickass deal.  This style was so trendy in the late 2000's but Fryes are like Doc Martens - in and out of popular trends but always in style with certain subcultures.
 I had only 1 pictures of this outfit but it was a great one.  More kickass boots - these are Doc Martens and I am so in love with them, they are gorgeous.  I also had some great red eye shadow going on and it looked very moody with the outfit.

 I am torn on this outfit.  It looked great in some shots and not great in others.  I like lots of fabric for fall but it doesn't work if the proportions are off.
 Love this - it is weird and so velvety but it was so fun to wear.
 Mmm, pant problems again. 

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