Monday, August 13, 2018

Weekly Past Outfits

 We went to the Tanana State Fai this past weekend.  Had a good time, was warm and sunny out and then the car's front brake line popped a hole.  We ended up being in town late enough to watch the firework and my husband was able to fix the brake line so it's all good.

 Fringe boots, big jacket and a banana with a tractor - a ok outfit.

Alright, I thrifted this dress - it has no label and is a fake wrap style but I really like it.

 My Spell Designs kimono - I normally only wear it with shorts and..did the same here.  Go me?  I'll have to be more creative.
 This is an Isabel Marant skrit I found for really cheap and while I like it, I think I will mostly wear it with tights, it feels just a bit too short.  If it ends up bin a no go, I know I can resell it for a good price.

 Just a work oufit.

 Ok, I loved my makeup here but the light was weird and I didn't get a good shot of it.
 This might be a bit much of a look, but I really loved it.

 A hot day again so maxi and sandals it is! (Sorry, my words are short because my keyboard is bonkers right now.)

Excited to break out this Ralph Lauren Collection cashmere/wool cape - I thrifted this and was so over the moon to actually find it - I'd been stalking it on ebay and this thing is never affordable. I got it from VV for $12.99!
Love this with the shoes.
 Out on a hike - Dakota was intentionally int his picture for once. #photobombqueen

Fall is coming....ugh.  School starts in a few days so I'm going to be pretty slammed with that and work and the normal winter prep, I'll try to keep up with the blog.


  1. Lovely outfits. I really like that green dress!

  2. Marvelous!! The pictures are just stunning. I like your sense of style. Keep posting.


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