Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Weekly Outfits Part 2

This is the outfit I wore to the school meet and greet. I wish I hadn't worn these boots because this outfit would have been so much cuter with my Acne cowboy boots, here it just looks a little disjointed thanks to the tall boots. I was really cold that day so I understand what I was thinking but it really didn't quite work in the follow through.

At the other end, I loved this outfit. This is an American Apparel sweater i found at the thrift store and it's 100% cotton and feels really lovely. The color is pretty amazing as well so I was excited to pair it with my light wash AG jeans and these cute leather loafers I thrifted.

And swinging back into the don't like camp, this outfit. again, I understand what I was going for but this outfit could have been saved by wearing one of my white embroidered shirts. This Isabel Marant top has that strange waist line that seems to kill every outfit I wear it in. Might be time to take this one to the consigment shop.

I love this Isabel Marant dress, was just having an icky day and felt pretty off. I like the outfit, just not me I guess?
I wore this is the morning to walk the kids to the bus and liked it so much i wore it all day. It's simle, just black jeans, nikes, a sweater, my husband's cap I keep stealing and this coat I love. I suppose keeping it simple seems to work for me right now since I feel like I'm all over the place style wise.

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