Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Weekly Outfits Part 1

Well hi guys. Nothing like a big gap in posting. Time has been getting away from me with regards to putting work into this blog-thing and at some point, I'll have to type up some real posts! For today, I've got some photos I've taken out outfits from this past week two weeks. The first is this one, I wore my Rick Owens dress to go see The Meg with the family and one, love this outfit and two, that movie was actually really good! (Far better than the book I thought. Five mins in I was like, ugh, seen this movie before and by 20 mins in, I'd turned to my husband and said, this movie is great! It's a fun, silly movie and totally worth watching.)

I wore my Isabel Marant jeans this day with a silk top and a leather jacket. I like this outfit, it feels like old me but the pants are starting to fit odd. Ugh!

I loved this outfit, silk top and skirt with clogs? Oh yeah! I hadn't worn a belt with this skirt before and I really enjoyed the orange fabric one and how the colors went together.

Blue velvet bellbottoms baby. I like these pants so much and really liked the whole outfit - a shearling jacket with bell bottoms and big shoes seems to be a formula that works for me.

really nicely and I loved the color scheme. It was a rare warm day so I broke out mu MiuMiu platforms. This summer has felt kind of off for me in terms of style (and I'm sure the long run of cold weather didn't help) and while I've been trying new things, i think i also brought too much into my closet with the thrifting. I'm going to back off from that for a while now because I think I'm just overwhelmed both with my lack of time and too much in the closet. This outfit was a good reminder to wear my old stuff because there were so many items I thought about for a long time before buying and they've proven to be work horses for me.

This outfit is probably one of my favorites in a very long time. Everything came together Yeah, this outfit is a good reminder of what I said above. I've wanted a cute thermal for so long but I also bought these pants and have discovered this summer that I really hate how BDG pants fit me. I realize a lot of people like them as a high rise but I cannot get a decent fit in them. I think I'm going to go through, take out all of the pants that don't work any more and take them to the consignment. I have pairs I love and that do fit well so no time nor money for bad fitting pants!

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  1. That first outfit is so elegant! I also like all the orange tones, that's a color I'd like to add more to my wardrobe.


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