Friday, August 3, 2018

Remix Friday : A Printed Maxi Skirt

For remix Friday I wore my new to me F21 skirt I picked up at the thrift - for a cheap brand it's 100% cotton, the zipper is on nicely and I really liked the print.  It's hot as balls right now so I just remixed it for the hot weather, no cold weather outfits here today!
For outfit 1 I wore my straw hat to keep the sun out of my face, a silk tank top, sandals and this cute crochet bag.  Very summery and very cool feeling. 
Outfit 2 I used the same base of the silk tank and the skirt with the sandals but took the hat off, threw on this cool vest with the beading and wore my Cleobella fringe leather bag with lots of beading to go with the vest.  Simple changes can make a big difference in an outfit!
Outfit 3 I wanted to play up the warm weather western vibes so I wore my hat, a white blouse, some Frye leather boots and my thrifted Madewell Transport tote. 
I wanted to do just a little pattern mixing for outfit 4 so I wore this Joie embroidered tank and a tooled and painted leather tote for a subtle mix.  I liked how the dark blue looks with the bright skirt so that kept everything vibrant and I wore my fringed SH clogs to keep the footwear interesting but not overwhelming.
Outfit 5 I just went for it and wore a loose crochet top, a fringed crochet bag, yellow suede bow sandals and a ton of jewelry.  Never too much!
The last outfit was a chill one I've worn a bit lately, a tee shirt tied up, my old AEO bag and my Isabel Marant flatforms for a little but of height.  All five outfits are very me with varying amounts of "over-the-top" depending on what I'm feeling like.  Printed maxis are great in that they look like you cared but also can really be dressed down.

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